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Jeff Jawer

Meet DailyHoroscope.com's master astrologer

Star astrologer Jeff Jawer is a DailyHoroscope.com institution, well known in the Astrology community and respected for his lighthearted but earnest predictions! When he's not forecasting for the DailyHoroscope.com community or looking deeper into how Astrology impacts pop culture, he fills his days as a prolific writer. His articles appear internationally, giving insight in Canadian, French, German, Swiss and Finnish publications, to name just a few.

Jeff has practiced Astrology nationally since 1973, interpreting the planets as they relate to life, love, work and play. This maverick astrologer is also a foremost expert on celebrity natal charts -- he has the unique ability to scratch the surface of famous personalities and give accurate career (and romantic) predictions!

Jeff's monthly and yearly forecasts appear on partner websites AOL and Google. His yearly release -- Your Astrology Guide -- is co-authored with fellow DailyHoroscope.com astrologer Rick Levine, and is an unsurpassed 12-month planner for every sign of the zodiac.

A former member of the U.S. Navy and inventor of handheld astrological calculator Astro, Jeff now lives in lush Redmond, Washington with his wife, Danick.


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13 Comments to "Jeff Jawer"
The profile picture for Marilyn.
Marilyn says:
Thu, 02/12/2015 - 15:32

So very sad. Jeff will be missed, on many levels and for many reasons.

The profile picture for Dana.
Dana says:
Sat, 08/16/2014 - 14:06

before I receive every week the astrology from Susan, but recently I did not receive it. Please tell me how I can receive her email again?

The profile picture for BEV.
BEV says:
Tue, 06/03/2014 - 09:04

Hii Jeff, Love your monthly horoscopes! I was reading mine ( Sagittarius) for June 2014 and noticed the followingplease see below- Should this read 2015 in lieu of 2011?

Surf's Up!
Joyful Jupiter, your ruling planet, enters your 5th House of Romance and Self-Expression on June 6, starting a three-month period where your self-confidence is boosted and your heart is open to the potential of love. Jupiter's conjunction with wired Uranus on June 8 lights up your life with new ideas and unconventional people who encourage you to act spontaneously -- and luckily, you're ready for the ride. In fact, this rock-and-roll conjunction recurs on September 18 of this year and January 4, 2011, so you needn't do everything at once. The ambitious Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse on June 26 joins insatiable Pluto in your 2nd House of Money, revealing financial issues that you need to handle now.
Horoscope by Jeff Jawer, Tarot.com

The profile picture for Karen A Kay.
Karen A Kay says:
Thu, 08/15/2013 - 14:12

Hi Connie, are you having trouble with your daily horoscope? If you send a note to our customer service team using this form they can help you out! :)


The profile picture for Connie.
Connie says:
Tue, 08/13/2013 - 08:53


The profile picture for Star lady.
Star lady says:
Tue, 05/01/2012 - 09:28

thanks for your being a excellent astrologist. look forward to reading you daily!!! and free thats so wonderful when you live on a limited budget!!!
star lady

The profile picture for Karen Koontz.
Karen Koontz says:
Thu, 12/01/2011 - 05:58

I didn't know you made "Astro"! I used to read that years ago!!!! kk

The profile picture for Karen Koontz.
Karen Koontz says:
Thu, 12/01/2011 - 05:58

I didn't know you made "Astro"! I used to read that years ago!!!! kk

The profile picture for Karen Koontz.
Karen Koontz says:
Thu, 12/01/2011 - 05:58

I didn't know you made "Astro"! I used to read that years ago!!!! kk

The profile picture for Karen Koontz.
Karen Koontz says:
Thu, 12/01/2011 - 05:58

I didn't know you made "Astro"! I used to read that years ago!!!! kk

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