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Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer's Daily Planet Pulse

Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo

Get ready for a roaring good time
with life in loving Leo! More »
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1595 Comments to "Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer's Daily Planet Pulse"
The profile picture for Will.
Will says:
Sun, 10/30/2011 - 08:16

Yo...what up! Why is'nt the video working today? IT...oh IT! Somebody messed up here...

The profile picture for Dawn.
Dawn says:
Sun, 10/30/2011 - 07:09

video not found or access denied :-(

The profile picture for Tim.
Tim says:
Sun, 10/30/2011 - 06:09

Oh shucks, can't see the video or listen to the audio today........

The profile picture for Linda.
Linda says:
Sat, 10/29/2011 - 00:10

Rosa: How does air affect the lungs of people in different parts of the world? What makes a placebo work? Is belief a prerequisite? If you can unravel that mystery, then you'll have your answer. Linda

The profile picture for Rosa.
Rosa says:
Fri, 10/28/2011 - 06:57

Congratulations, you as a couple are extraordinary and I love the explanation from each one.
Also the whole concept of the video, personal style.
My question is ref., what about the different contents of people, how can this affect or not the different belief systems of someone Hindu or Judeo-Christian?
Would they experience the same as another person who is really into astrology?

The profile picture for Brenda.
Brenda says:
Thu, 10/27/2011 - 09:09

Thanks to both of you - daily info and videos can be a challenge and you both bring so much everyday. Bravo!

PS - Rick - you look terrific in pink (and I love the tie too). Jeff - love your blog - I've learned a lot from each of you. Have a great day.

The profile picture for Tim.
Tim says:
Thu, 10/27/2011 - 08:43

Wow, that's a mouth full of a day! Mother may I progress in a positive direction...anyway....I'm just going to stay busy and enjoy my Halloween cookies and coffee...

The profile picture for Kim.
Kim says:
Tue, 10/25/2011 - 07:06

An emotional, gotta (still) have courage, and speak your truth anyway, type of day. Ok, I have my mission, let's see how I fare. Thanks, Guys, as always.

The profile picture for Michael.
Michael says:
Sun, 10/23/2011 - 13:04

Love your readings, keep up the great work! Thanks!!

The profile picture for Will.
Will says:
Fri, 10/21/2011 - 09:44

I feel armed and ready...lol.....Thanks tons you guys.....your awesome and funny too...Will

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