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What's Your Venus Sign?

Love planet Venus can reveal a lot about your style ... in bed! Find out what your personal Venus sign says about your erotic tendencies now!

Your Venus Sign: How You Love

Your Venus sign reveals your potential to love and be loved

Let's not forget that Venus in your Astrology chart is all about romance, desire, and sensual experiences. Just like the Sun, Venus was in a specific horoscope sign when you were born. To find out where, consult your FREE sample Essential Birth Chart from Tarot.com, then read what your personal Venus sign says about your erotic tendencies! 

Venus in Aries

You are fiery and assertive when in love and lust. Passionate and ardent, you do the pursuing. Your desire nature burns bright and creative and is filled with enthusiasm. It engulfs you, and you must experience it now and not a moment later. Mad, passionate quickies or a little rough handling can make you bloom like a rose or harden like a barrel cactus. Shout for delirious joy on climax to let the world know how positively turbulent you feel!

Venus in Taurus

You are sensuous and affectionate. Your desire nature burns slowly and steadily. You like to feel secure before unfolding into love. You experience the sexual experience in a carnal-filled, unendurably salacious way. You like to take your time, to build up the energy to an earth-shaking, quivering crescendo, which leaves your lover gasping and staring at you with dizzying wonder!

Venus in Gemini

You are talkative and curious. Your mind is always whirling with juicy information along with the urge to share it. Sensitive to touch and other vibrations sent out by your lover, you react like a finely-tuned fiddle. Connecting mentally with your partner brings great surges up and down your spinal cord, and words of erotica murmured in your ears could be the very thing that sends you over the edge. Be discriminating, though, and don't hop in the sack until you've established open, tantalizing communications.

Venus in Cancer

You are nurturing and attentive. Family-oriented, you exude sentimental love and protectiveness for all those in your tribe. When in love, you are caring and motherly to your lover. You want to make sure every single need is satisfied! Pleasing your partner can give you a huge rush. Tell your partner this -- they'll wiggle with happiness, and then proceed to tell you how you can please them.

Venus in Leo

You are delightfully easy on the eyes. Creative sunlight beams out from various places on your body, giving it that ray-of-sunshine-bursting-through-the-clouds effect. When in love, you are affectionate and radiate joy toward your partner and the surrounding world. Your desire nature burns fiery and ebullient, and you are openly expressive and passionate with the objects of your benign adoration. You expect the same adoration in return. If they do respond, they'll receive your great bounty of warmth and heat to light their nerve endings with scarlet fire.

Venus in Virgo

You are practical and strive for perfection. You are detail-oriented and focused on your partner and their needs. Conversations that analyze all aspects of love and lust make your eyes glow, as you fantasize about the implementation of your detailed plans. Your lover will respond to your detailed sexual ministrations as you direct those earthy energies of sex with great deftness. Try to ignore anything messy -- it's all part of the fun! Have your lover repeat those titillating movements, over and over, until they get it perfectly, just like you have meticulously envisioned.

Venus in Libra

Two-part harmony is required before any lovemaking begins! Interacting and fluctuating together is what gets your juices flowing. You are energetic and partnership-oriented. To you, sex is an art form to be shared; just look at some of the Picasso-like explicit shapes you and your partner can dance into, all in search for the ultimate in benumbing, buzzing deliria. Naturally curious and assertive, you're game for almost anything, as long as it is done with taste and intelligence, and a curious artistic finesse that is somewhat like a conductor enthusiastically wielding, waving and weaving his or her baton.

Venus in Scorpio

You are sizzling intently under your skin. You tend to be possessive and controlling, frequently going on inner searches into your partner's delicate psyche, obsessive in the need to know everything about them. Sharing your own secrets is quite another story -- it's not gonna happen! You discover your partner's weaknesses and strengths and then exploit them (hopefully in a positive way). This leads your partner to discover a new earth-shattering experience brought about by your rich and dark maneuvers. Ah, such power!

Venus in Sagittarius

You are a feisty little package! On the go and full of love for life and all its peculiarities, you exude charm, intelligence and warm humor. Your eyes have a heated, lively look to them. When in love, you're adventurous and exploratory and may have a fiery, quick release. Sex outdoors -- like skinny-dipping on a secluded beach -- is your idea of technique. Flirtatious and friendly, you are game for a physical sexual experience that exudes a challenge in a natural, enthusiastic way -- one that opens your fresh, inquisitive mind to new sexual highways of experience.

Venus in Capricorn

You are reserved on the outside and a simmering pot on the inside -- but you keep this fact well hidden! You unveil your vulnerability to your lover with great care, taking your own sweet time and creating tests along the way to gauge your lover's net worth. When in love, you are dedicated and stalk the wild orgasm with great fortitude. You seriously pursue climactic delight with your partner. To you, it's not having an orgasm that's the goal, but how many you can stick under your belt in, say, 20 minutes. Or, better yet, a continuous climax is your idea of true ecstasy.

Venus in Aquarius

Quirky and intellectual matters turn you on. You love to talk with your friends about all sorts of trendy or unconventional issues. In bed, you are experimental and detached, observing your lover in a rather clinical but light-filled, friendly fashion. You are open-minded and will try most things at least once just because you are piqued and provoked, though you do have a reserved streak. The lovers with whom you choose to play should appreciate your big-sky mind.

Venus in Pisces

You merge emotionally with whatever or whoever falls into your path. Creatively or musically gifted, you interpret the waves of the planet through the expression of your gift. You are sacrificial and illusory, so involved in your inner world of idyllic love that at times you appear to be in a glazed, drowsy state. You will pleasure your partner in any way possible. The dance of deception in love and sex is a high art form for you, and bittersweet though it may sometimes be, it is the irresistible glamour of love that is a very succulent fruit for you.

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    Venus in Capricorn.....true

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    Sun, 11/18/2012 - 23:26

    venus in leo says yes yes and yes.

    The profile picture for karel.
    karel says:
    Fri, 07/06/2012 - 22:02

    I've Venus in Aries & in an established relationship (only) my men have Always enjoyed & Never complained. Of course I've a well rounded mix of Earth Wind & Fire in my chart.

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    Thu, 07/05/2012 - 15:14

    I don't know, How to say? but everything now. I can say only yes.

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    Mon, 07/02/2012 - 18:40

    i'd like to know what aries,taurus,gemini,cancer,leo,virgo and the rest all meant. ( There is a page 2 for these signs.) When all else fails scroll DOWN. Love the Picies and Leo Venus Sun signs...

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