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Karmic Code of Honor

What is the Karmic Code of Honor?

Our growing legion of Daily Defenders follows a simple Karmic Code of Honor: To protect the universe by infusing it with positive energy every day. This karmic code is part of our mission to empower you with practical advice and tools for living a more thoughtful and meaningful life, and for transforming the world through that positive energy.

What is a Daily Defender of Good Karma?

Daily Defenders are people just like you, who pledge to protect the balance of the universe with positive acts and intentions. Daily Defenders use the practical tools and insight we provide to move through every day with purpose, fighting against information overload and careless communications. Daily Defenders help improve how we contribute, process and redistribute messages and feelings to prevent negativity from upsetting the world balance.

What exactly are we defending?

Humans are losing sight of what is truly meaningful. Digital media makes it too easy to broadcast every thought, idea, opinion or feeling without considering the ramifications, and these careless communications are destroying the beauty, power and influence of language. We fight to empower people to behave more responsibly, from bold actions right down to the shortest of messages. The laws of Karma suggest “what goes around comes around,” so we fight to ensure that what goes around is positive and meaningful.

What's inspires the Karmic Code?

We believe every thought and intention carries energy, and the universe holds it all. The Karmic Code of Honor provides a positive benchmark to guide you through every day. This, along with our practical advice, insight and inspiration, can help shape your actions and intentions and improve the overall energy of the world we share.

How can you help defend the Karmic Code of Honor?

Join our community of Daily Defenders! When you become a Daily Defender of Good Karma, you agree to live up to this Karmic Code of Honor and help spread the positive energy to others. With our combined commitment to making positive changes in the world, together we can watch as the energy of the universe shifts from dark to light. For specific ideas on how to defend the Karmic Code of Honor, follow our Top 10 Karmic Laws and become a Daily Defender of Good Karma!

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    The profile picture for Suryakanta Mishra.
    Suryakanta Mishra says:
    Thu, 07/23/2015 - 02:03

    I was Suryakanta Mishra
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    The profile picture for Yvonne.
    Yvonne says:
    Sun, 04/05/2015 - 15:07

    clicked on About us button and got this page I want to unsubscribe and your site is not allowing me to do that I am not happy because your horoscope is always a day behind

    The profile picture for Jade.
    Jade says:
    Wed, 03/11/2015 - 04:41

    Clicked the 'About Us' button and got this page. This site is a total mess!

    The profile picture for agbor zion.
    agbor zion says:
    Mon, 06/16/2014 - 15:40

    Splendid! <3

    The profile picture for Johnnie Lee Smythe.
    Johnnie Lee Smythe says:
    Sun, 11/25/2012 - 15:20

    No psychics can tell you or any one else about me not by Tarot card's or any other way but I can read you just by looking at you I know if you have good Karma pr bad karma if you are good or evil just by by the way you talk the way you walk the way you stan by your eye's by your Karma and what you are tkinking just by your eye's and the way you talk.You don't know me and you never will but i know you.

    The profile picture for Johnnie Lee Smythe.
    Johnnie Lee Smythe says:
    Sun, 11/25/2012 - 14:41

    First off do i haith in God, (Yes i do) and my Karma is vary vary strong, I defenden my home and my wife along with my warrage and I am a vary vary strong (Libra) I am a twin but my twin died at both. I fight evil everyday and darkness and i meet them head on. I love my God and I love my wife and I stan beween my wife and evil and darkness everyday with God's help. And my wife's both is 06/07/1971. Also I defenden my wife's good Karma and my good Karma any way I can with God's help.

    The profile picture for Danielle.
    Danielle says:
    Wed, 08/15/2012 - 14:43

    i had to break off a relationship of 10 years ..soulmate I thot but instead of getting upset I said that I for now on am LIVING LIFE and Not let LIFE LIVE ME! I deserve greatness in mylife and for me to have it I have to eccept it. So i wish him that life be good to him as I WILL BE GOOD TO LIFE. and this time I was able to let go still breathing .Thankyou Karma My favorite BIt--!! all in love BLESSED BE zEVERYONE

    The profile picture for Masosanna Moerane.
    Masosanna Moerane says:
    Fri, 05/25/2012 - 07:01

    Because my finance is disastarous. My monthly earnings can manage to take me through month end without borrowing. Because of my committments ie i pay fees for my 35yrs old kids, my 33yrs old's son i have only 1 son in matric. Anytime money problem arises i go borrowing. How can i do it right?

    by Astrology Detective

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    Decorating your home for the holidays isn't just about decking the halls with bright lights and shiny objects. It's about creating a happy, peaceful atmosphere that will brighten every day of the festive season for you, your family and friends. What makes your horoscope sign happy could be ... continued »

    by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

    Everyone loves games, and when the weather won't accommodate outdoor play, games around a dining room table are the very best way to keep us laughing and to bring us closer. But what game should YOU play? ... continued »

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