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This Weekend's Love Horoscope

Sun in Cancer

It's Cancer Season

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Moon with hearts

Weekend Love Horoscope

Unconditional love

By Maria DeSimone

Week of Monday, June 20 2016 -- The Moon will be in sublime Pisces all weekend long, allowing you and your sweetheart to enjoy more enchantment and less worry. You might want to spend time together musing over your shared fantasies or what inspires each of you to be better people.

Or, you might use the Piscean energy of imagination to your advantage and get creative on a date. Film, music, photography, theatre, and spiritual ventures are all supported for the two of you to participate in. Unconditional love and sentimental expressions will be easy to achieve. In addition, you might have more of a telepathic, emotional connection to one another. You'll easily be able to stir your partner's soul.

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