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This Weekend's Love Horoscope

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Weekend Love Horoscope

On the wings of love

By Maria DeSimone

Week of Monday, October 12 2015 -- The Moon will be in Sagittarius all weekend long, which will encourage a mood of adventure and enthusiasm in romance. Sagittarius is an idealistic sign -- choosing to always see the glass as half full. As a result, whatever happens this weekend between you and your mate will enjoy a certain amount of buffering. Forgiveness is easy when you can't help but see the good in your relationship over the bad.

In fact, with Venus in discerning Virgo opposing Neptune on Friday night, this weekend is made for a fairytale romance. Delusions are always possible with this aspect, but Venus in Virgo is one placement that can use a little "give." It'll be nice to know that your lover will completely overlook your flaws this weekend. Enjoy the enchantment!

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