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The Cosmic Reporter,'s in-house astrologer, uses her blog to focus on the impact that horoscopes and planetary transits and aspects have on daily life. Her goal is to show us all how to use ancient, time-tested insight like Astrology, Tarot, I Ching, Numerology and Feng Shui to make sense of our own personal, everyday worlds. Planetary influences, current events, news and contests from Daily Horoscope are all topics for exploration. ... continued »

You know what happens when you put up with something you don’t like for too long? You burst. Whether you’ve been stuck in a negative ... continued »

Ipsum Lorum et ceteraProvide a description of this node to appear in the tag which search engines can use in search result listings (optional). It is generally accepted this field should be less than 70 characters. ... continued »

Forget Cupid -- love planet Venus is the one to watch, as she delivers the loving spirit of Valentine’s Day five days early and with as much passionate force as that chubby little cherub himself. ... continued »

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring... set your alarm clock early over the next few weeks! If you wake up early enough, you’ll see a rare alignment of six planets above the rising Sun at dawn. And while it’s not a major astrological event, it is a majorly photogenic event. ... continued »

Uh-oh. You’re in trouble! Then again, maybe you’re not. It all depends on how your performance has been lately, and if you’ve been slacking off… well, today is your reckoning day.  ... continued »

Yes, the Internet provides an endless stream of infinite information -- and while much of it is awesome and useful, it's also become a stomping ground for all-around inappropriateness. Never has it been so easy to bully, hack and steal the identity of strangers. But there is hope! ... continued »

Love your Daily Horoscope emails? Then make sure you don't miss out!Due to changes among email service providers, the delivery of your Daily Horoscope email may be affected. You may find that the delivery of your emails is delayed, or that they are not being delivered to your inbox. ... continued »

Get ready for a cosmic chorus! The planets have inspired two new ways to space out to your music, and they’re both out-of-this-world fun. ... continued »

Through her teachings, Astrology expert Maria DeSimone helps her clients manifest their greatest positive qualities and potential, while also addressing some of the deeper psychological obstacles that might currently prevent soul growth. ... continued »

There's a sentimental mood in the air this Valentine's Day with the Moon entering the old fashioned sign Cancer early in the morning. Traditional gifts and activities are going to be appreciated because they represent the security that love brings that is so needed right now. ... continued »

Are you a believer or a skeptic? We’re talking about Valentine’s Day, and we’re talking about the divide between folks who love any excuse to celebrate love, and others who prefer to celebrate love on their own time and dime ... continued »

Who says watching TV can’t change your life? Instead of hitting an actual bar on Friday night, like-minded Daily Defenders will be tuning in to the premiere episode of the new TV series “Bar Karma” to watch the patrons of this mysterious watering hole attempt to solve their karmic dilemmas. But the best part is YOU get to help! ... continued »

Update: Despite much urging from the press, Facebook has declined to discuss Facebook’s role in the recent social media fed revolution in Egypt and Tunisia. They addressed the matter in a round-about way via a short statement. ... continued »

Hot on the sexy heels of Valentine’s Day, it’s Singles Awareness Day! We’re pretty sure there’s no Hallmark card for that, but it’s still recognized as a day to get together with friends and ... continued »

Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway), otherwise known as the art of placement, was first developed in China over five thousand years ago. And while the core principle of Feng Shui remains true -- that manipulating your environment can result in health, wealth and prosperity -- westerners have adapted some of its rules to reflect their own sensibilities. ... continued »

Oooooooh, yeah! Enough with the sentimental stuff we’ve been mired in the last few days. ... continued »

This week, Esperanza Spalding won the Best New Artist award at the Grammy's. What an amazing feeling it must have been for Spalding and her friends, family and fans on Sunday night! She practically emerged onto the mainstream music out of, literally, nowhere, and now her career is made! But not if her cyber bullies have their way. ... continued »

Don’t worry, folks. In spite of false Internet rumors that rock legend Mick Jagger has passed away, this Stone is still rolling.Since Jagger appeared at the Grammy Awards on Sunday and a radio disk jockey made a joke about his age, “RIP Mick Jagger” has been the big trending topic on social networking website Twitter. Except he’s not dead. ... continued »

Get your heads out of the clouds, people! It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day worldwide, and you’ve some serious do-gooding to do! ... continued »

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