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We’ve all pulled a Greta Garbo at one time or another -- you know, letting the drama of the day get you down until you just want nothing more than to be left alone. ... continued »

Every horoscope sign rules its own set of characteristics -- colors, gemstones, parts of the body -- and this is true for plants and flowers, too. ... continued »

Apologies are in the headlines this week, with several notable celebs trying to make up for their bad behavior -- namely, flipping off the paparazzi, dropping an F-bomb at the Oscars, making anti-Semitic remarks and just, well, being Charlie Sheen. But all these public apologies beg us to ask the question, does saying sorry ... continued »

One of the main themes we really feel passionately about on is the idea of "Karmic Clutter" and taking the time to really and truly think about the energy you're putting out into the world. The online format is quickly becoming the fastest, most popular way of communication, and the thing about the Internet is ... continued »

For months we’ve been hearing about Aries this and Aries that, and the whole world has been nonstop go-go-go thanks to the pileup of planets in fiery Aries. Today, we finally get a breather and begin to feel that frenzied pace slow down as friendly Venus and chatty Mercury join mighty Mars in Taurus. Get ready for one big, cozy planetary pajama party. ... continued »

The Full Moon in Leo is usually a time of exuberant self-expression. Yet this February 18 lunation joins mystical Neptune and healer Chiron -- bringing an otherworldly element into the mix, and muting Leo’s dynamism. ... continued »

We refer to this daily Astrology advice column as the “Daily Buzz,” and today that title is more accurate than ever! We are positively buzzing with mental activity as Mercury meets up with shocking Uranus and then moves into energetic Aries at 9:47 a.m. (PST). ... continued »

After the intense eclipse period we've recently been through, the February 3 Aquarius New Moon is a breath of fresh air! Your hard work or sacrifices are about to pay off, as the Sun and Moon join motivational Mars in the most progressive sign of the zodiac -- sparking breakthroughs and freedom.  ... continued »

Just days after President Obama spoke about the important role artists have in building the values of this country, an Astrology art show right in line with our own values here at DH has popped up in the quaint oceanside community of Cannon Beach, Ore. ... continued »

At the March 4 New Moon, we plunge into what aboriginal people call the "Dreamtime." As the Sun and Moon join four other planets in the mystical, watery sign of Pisces, we are enveloped in an otherworldly mist -- and have the conviction that dreams can come true. ... continued »

Over 12 million viewers tuned in to ABC's feel-good reality show Secret Millionaire Sunday night -- but it's left some with a bad taste in their mouth. Each week the show follows a real-life millionaire who goes undercover in some of America's most poverty-stricken neighborhoods, meeting and working with people who are ... continued »

Are you guilty of logging on to your laptop right before you go to sleep? Do you take your smartphone to bed with you and cling to it like a two-year-old with a Teddy Bear? Well then, you should know ... continued »

Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer are the master astrologers here at, and we are so proud to have them at the helm of our horoscopes. Friends for close to 20 years, these two have been working together on the Astrology front for over a decade. Through their dedication, unmatched divination knowledge and accurate, insightful horoscopes, Rick and Jeff are a force to be reckoned with. They are, after all, a couple of the most famous astrologers on the planet! ... continued »

This week, Gallup-Healthway posted its results for its 2010 Well-Being Index rating system, which rated the well-being, or "the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous" of all 50 states from highest to lowest. And the big winner? Ding ding ding: Hawaii!  ... continued »

Thursday is the new Saturday. Ok, we just made that up. But you should still try and take the day off so you won’t miss all the fun times Venus, Jupiter and the Taurus Moon have planned for you. ... continued »

Breaking up is hard to do, but getting along with your ex can be even harder -- maybe even downright impossible if they hurt you by lying, cheating or disrespecting your feelings. However, in many cases it's healthy to nurture a relationship with your ex ... continued »

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This CNN newsstory certainly proves as much, and makes us wonder about taking your revenge out on a cheating partner -- sure, a little harmless revenge may be sugary sweet, but is it bad for your karma?  ... continued »

Sad but true: People in India are being conned by "fake astrologers" in exchange for money. And even sadder, these astrologers are becoming connected with tantriks -- practitioners known for their beliefs of possession, sacrifice and sexual misconduct.   ... continued »

Here we go! All month long we’ve been keeping an eye on this day, when Uranus joins Jupiter in Aries and accelerates the pace of social and personal change we’ve been seeing in recent months. ... continued »

Each part of the home or office corresponds to a different part of the body. If you're suffering from aches or pains, alleviate the trouble by making adjustments to the appropriate gua, or section, of your home. This may seem like a fanciful notion, but you could experience immediate relief as a result. ... continued »

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