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Is something bothering you? Are you going to keep brooding about it, or are you going to do something about it? That’s the question of the day as an intense Scorpio Moon urges you to battle your inner demons like one of those Cylons in Battlestar Galactica. ... continued »

If you've been anywhere near the Internet lately, chances are you've heard of Rebecca Black ... and are all too familiar with a little diddy called 'Friday.' The song that is so bad it's addictive has brought sudden fame to the 13-year-old Californian, singer of the "worst song ever..." ... continued »

The March 19 Full Moon in Virgo, has been making headlines all over the world as an Extreme Super Moon. Astrologers are linking it to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and predicting more natural disasters to come as the Moon moves closer to earth. ... continued »

The earthquake, tsunami and radioactive threats in Japan have proven to be an incredible wake-up call for the entire planet. Every time a natural disaster ... continued »

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage ... then comes the lawyers, splitting up all the mutual assets, alimony payments... Sure, relationships are a lovely part of life, but ... continued »

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: Goodwill and town pride clash with homophobia, abuse and drug hypocrisy this week -- soak it all up with our roundup of current karmic headlines. ... continued »

Um, why aren’t “mood swings” fun? They sound like they should be fun. Like, life is a great big playground and there’s a long line for the mood swing ‘cause we all want to take a turn. Fun! Not. ... continued »

Can we all agree? Anxiety is the worst. That dreadfully uneasy and shaky panic that can overtake you any time you hear bad news, fight with a loved one or . . . when Saturn is seqsuiquadrate Neptune, as it is today. ... continued »

Have you noticed the planets have been working in cosmic clusters lately? It’s been all about Aries, now Taurus and then Gemini. But this is not typical, and not all planets are created equal. It’s only happening now due to each planet’s need for speed. ... continued »

Is something in your life broken beyond repair? We’re not just talking about the silly toaster. Think bigger. Think about the most challenging parts of your life, like problematic situations involving family, relationships or career. And now think how today might be the day you finally fix it. ... continued »

A new, grossly inappropriate product called the "Ashley" is a complete karmic catastrophe for Abercrombie & Fitch.  ... continued »

Hello, Saturn, you sexy thing! It's nice to see you! Put down your telescopes, people, because April 2011 is the best time all year to view Saturn with the naked eye. ... continued »

Over the weekend an allied air mission attacked Libya in an attempt to break up and isolate Moammar Gadhafi's force. The weekend of missile strikes and air patrols was branded “Operation Odyssey Dawn,” but we here at DH are referring to it as “Operation Uranus in Aries” because ... continued »

So much for all your easy, breezy plans this weekend. A serious Capricorn Moon stomped in last night, grabbed hold of your weekend planner and filled it in with a do-this, do-that list of business, tasks and chores. ... continued »

He was a dashing prince with a royal bloodline. She was a beautiful-yet-modest aspiring photographer who met said prince at the University of St. Andrews in 2001. And now, 10 years later, Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton are engaged to be married on April 29, 2011 like ... continued »

For every young woman who spends her high school career looking forward to prom as the sweetest night of her life, there’s another whose excitement is tempered by social anxiety and sticker tag stress. But the good news is there is help ... continued »

Kids. Creating art. For disaster relief ... how could you not love this?! The New York-based non-profit organization Karma Kids (we're diggin' the name!) is hosting a series of free children's art workshops in an effort to send relief money to disaster-stricken Japan. ... continued »

What the what?! TBS late night host George Lopez went on his show Wednesday and compared 60-year-old Dancing with the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley to a pig. But the laws of Karma would suggest he’s the oinker ... continued »

America's sweetheart Reese Witherspoon is all set to marry fiance Jim Toth this weekend at her sprawling ranch in Ojai, California. She's been married once before, and linked to multiple well-known Hollywood stars over the years -- so is the second time the charm for this ambitious Aries starlet? ... continued »

Wal-Mart is reminding us of a painful karmic lesson! Ask and you shall receive. Or maybe not. But speaking up and asking for what you're worth is just about as important as actually getting it. And one day, we WILL get it. But the buck stops here, with each of us. ... continued »

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