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The week starts off with a lazy T-square in the Mutable signs on Monday, leading to easily distracted energy that is up for anything but work. Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on Thursday, and mix-ups can occur ... continued »

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter join forces in get-it-done Virgo throughout the entire week. Virgo is the sign of the caregiver, making it the perfect time to find compassionate solutions for complex problems. Mars also hooks up with Saturn on Wednesday, pushing us to get out of our ruts and take some risks. Action and change can bring with them feelings of fear, anxiety and suspicion, which will become evident at the Lunar T-Square between the Moon, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn on Thursday, and Mars' exact square of Neptune on Friday. Try not to get swept up into unnecessary drama. ... continued »

Now that the Sun is in Sagittarius, it's the final month of fall and and time to start preparing for winter! Sagittarius rules travel and religion, and represents freedom. ... continued »

When two outer planets face off against each other, tensions always run high. For some reason, Thanksgiving is the holiday that seems to dredge up suppressed family dysfunctions -- perhaps because there are no gifts to take the edge off, just red wine and tryptophan. ... continued »

Are you up for a special challenge? Good! Because when sensitive Cancer energy hooks up with dramatic Leo in your birth chart, the result is a wildly swinging pendulum of extreme ups and extreme downs. ... continued »

The light is waning, and the earth seems to stands still. This calm pause in action plays within the beauty of night, encouraging us to delve into the darkness inside.Yule is the honoring of the return of the light, as Winter Solstice arrives on December 21. We stand at the horizon of our darkest hour, gathering warmth in the Sun's promise of growth and renewal.  ... continued »

People will think big when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on Tuesday. To put those grand plans into practice, however, will require shaking up the status quo when Mercury squares Mars and authoritarian Pluto in traditional Capricorn on Thursday and Saturday ... continued »

Mercury joins the Sun and Jupiter in effervescent Libra on Friday, putting the focus firmly on socializing and the arts. In order to live life to its hedonistic full, however, it may be necessary to stand up to some authoritarian control freaks and bullies ... continued »

Autumn is ushered in under incredibly harmonious skies! The week starts off with the optimistic Sun conjuncting beneficent Jupiter in the sociable sign of Libra. Extroversion and good cheer abound, with people willing to ... continued »

There is not so much going on this week, save for the trainwreck of Mars conjunct Pluto on Wednesday, which is pulled into a Grand Cross of angry energy on Friday and Saturday, including the Moon in Cancer, Mercury and the Sun in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. People are thirsty for power and will do anything to get it. ... continued »

Do you have a pretty kitty or a downright fat cat? Trust us, the cosmos affect your kitties' personalities and moods just as much as they affects ours.Look to your cat's horoscope sign for clues to why your little beastie might be a lover ... or a biter. ... continued »

Who doesn't love Halloween? A night where you can have a blast being someone else for the night is always in spooky style. Whether you're a chill-on-the-couch type or you fancy yourself a ghost hunter, it's time to start planning your Halloween party ... continued »

Everyone loves games, and when the weather won't accommodate outdoor play, games around a dining room table are the very best way to keep us laughing and to bring us closer. But what game should YOU play? ... continued »

The week starts off with a bang due to the rare opposition of Uranus and Jupiter on Monday; things can blow up out of control at the slightest provocations, so duck and cover. ... continued »

Not quite sure if you're a Sagittarius or a Capricorn? No worries. If you were born between about December 18 and December 24, you were born on The Cusp of Prophecy, and that's a beautiful thing. An ideal blend of optimist and pragmatist, Sagittarius-Capricorn cuspers have ... continued »

This is a pretty low-key week Astrology-wise. Venus moves into idealistic Aquarius on Wednesday, making the rest of the month an auspicious time for group cooperation. Come Saturday, the Sun conjuncts hyper-focused Saturn as Mercury in solutions-minded Capricorn sextiles utopian Neptune, making this a 5-star day for getting things done.The only blip on this week's horizon is the fleeting, loose T-square between the Moon conjunct Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto on Saturday, when control struggles could easily be triggered. ... continued »

The week starts off with a nonchalant trine between the Sun and Uranus: do the unexpected, take risks, and have fun! Tuesday's Full Moon is opposite Saturn, urging us to leave behind constrictive attitudes and people that are holding us back from being our true selves. All in all, this is a great week to express individuality and buck convention.Here is a general overview of this week's energy, valid for all. Hearts and Hates for your sign follow below! ... continued »

If you are sending out packages for Christmas, you may want to make sure they are tracked, as Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, which could cause mix-ups in mailing. Leave yourself extra time for holiday travel, and be prepared for delays.On a better note, the skies are sending a Santa's sack filled with positive vibes, from Saturn trine Uranus on Christmas Eve -- which would transform the grumpiest Scrooge into a bundle of cheer -- to a super joyful Venus-Jupiter trine on Christmas Day. Happy holidays! ... continued »

Spring is here and we're eager to get outside and put our green thumbs to work. If you’re planning a garden, give careful consideration to your Sun sign. It can provide valuable clues about what to plant and how to use your space! ... continued »

The first energy shift of the year occurs on Tuesday, when diplomatic Venus moves into sensitive Pisces. Fighting and anger grow tiresome after a while, and when the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday, it may be time to ... continued »

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