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How's this for an idea? Let's work together to get the New Year going in a positive direction! You could even win a prize as a reward for doing good... Here's the deal: While some of us are busy making ambitious New Year's resolutions, others don't even bother because they figure they won't be able to keep them. But we ... continued »

A.T. (or Tad) Mann is a creative practitioner, teacher, author and artist, and an award-winning, professional astrologer and Tarot reader since 1972. He received a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University and worked as an award-winning architectural designer for major firms in New York City and Rome, Italy. ... continued »

A full time professional astrologer and board member of the American Federation of Astrologers, Stephanie began studying Astrology in 1972, and says it is the only subject that has managed to hold her interest for so long.She also uses Tarot, I Ching and consults about dreams. She has written several books, including Dreams: Working Interactive, Meditation for beginners (available in Spanish and other languages), Mapping Your Birthchart, Mapping Your Family Relationships, Mapping Your Sex Life and Aspect Patterns. ... continued »

Deadlines just won’t do today. We want freedom and independence to explore new ideas and experiences (especially "crazy" ones), and to continue chasing the clear view of the future that was finally ... continued »

“Haba na haba hujaza kibaba.” Haba na, huh, what? It’s an old Swahili proverb that means doing things little by little will get you where you want to be. And we couldn’t agree more, even if someone or ... continued »

Put on your party pants, people! You know, the ones you bought at H&M last weekend to replace the exact same pair you lost at that hot tub party in 1987. Life and love move into adventurous territory this weekend ... continued »

When people call you a spaz today -- and they will -- they mean it in a nice way. Your bouncy energy is contagious, even if your curiosity is so out of control that you come off like a wondrous 5-year-old asking “why? why? why? why? why?” ... continued »

Are the psychics who favor the Oregon Ducks a bunch of quacks? No way! But more than a few of them are feline. As college football fans prepare to watch tonight’s BCS National Championship Game between Oregon and Auburn, some are not content to wait and see which team will take the title. But we’ve got good news for the impatient -- posses of pet psychics are putting their best paws forward to predict tonight’s winner. ... continued »

Have you been watching the media frenzy over Ted Williams this past week? If you’ve read the stories about the homeless man with the “golden radio voice” who lucked into a second chance at life ... continued »

One year after the devastating 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, volunteers continue working to rebuild the ruined country -- structurally, socially and psychologically. Since the quake, aid organizations and non-profit groups have raised billions of dollars toward recovery efforts. The Red Cross reports they received donations totaling ... continued »

Hey, have you noticed there’s a great big world out there? It’s just waiting for you to put down your smartphone, close your laptop and step outside. Today’s a great day for that, as your whole world view expands and the big picture comes into realistic view. ... continued »

What were you planning to do today? Same old, same old? Drive the same route to work, have the same turkey-with-light-mayo sandwich for lunch, trod through the same daily pattern and heat up ... continued »

Who’s having a zodiac sign identity crisis? Not us! As we head into the holiday weekend, the media frenzy continues around false news reports that everyone’s zodiac ... continued »

Sorry to start your Tuesday with a melodramatic Bonnie Tyler quote, friends, but Mercury is conjunct Pluto and our minds are delving into the shadows. Well, turn around ... continued »

Fire up your rocket ships, space cadets, we’re blasting off into the future today! We may experience a little cosmic turbulence along the way ... continued »

So what’s it going to be, a fantastic career or a happy home life? Do you really have to choose? Not today, at least, because the Cancer Full Moon is ... continued »

We see you over there, happily double-fisting that mochachocolatté and cheese Danish. But you know what? We’re not going to scold you for over-indulging because, well, you’re just too dang charming and you ... continued »

Eat less, exercise more. Spend less, save more. Complain less, smile more. Yaddah yaddah yaddah, yawn. We need to do something about these boring New Year’s Resolutions and their 10 percent success rates. But what? Three gals out of Portland, Ore. know! ... continued »

What’s with the thin lips? Why so serious? Wanna talk about it? Come on in, lay down on this lovely chaise lounge and we’ll talk it through. ... continued »

Yooooo-hoooooooo, are you there? You’ve got that vacant look in your eyes that can only mean you’re daydreaming. Fantasizing about warmer climates ... continued »

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