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Real Life Astrology: Gemini

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Maria DeSimone's Blog

Maria DeSimone

Real Life Astrology: Gemini

Thu, 05/24/2012 - 04:34 pm PST by Maria DeSimone

When I’ve had a bad day, I pick up the phone and call my brother, Basil. If he happens to answer, I’ll tell him to hang up. After all, it’s not like I want to talk to him. I’m calling to listen to his latest answering machine message. It’s a verbal skit he conjures up weekly, which no matter how rotten of a mood I’m in, guarantees to have me doubled over in hysterical laughter.

Basil, born May 29, has his Sun in Gemini. The realm of communication -- thinking, reading, speaking, writing, learning and teaching (all mental pursuits) -- are part of his essence. He is "learning to become" a communicator.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, blessing him with endless curiosity, a quick, clever mind and a nimble (although sometimes jittery) body that’s always busy doing something or going somewhere. Geminis are well known for having that "Peter Pan" quality about them, and they often look much younger than their years.

The first of three signs in the element of Air, Gemini is intellectual and logical. With that cool, airy temperament, my brother is never insulted when I tell him I don’t want to talk to him. Actually, he revels in the fact that so many people call his answering machine to listen to what he has to say. Air signs seldom become overemotional; they’re too busy being rational.

Every other Friday I do actually call Basil to remind him and his wife Mary that it’s pizza night at my house. If you could only be a fly on my kitchen wall, you’d witness the most remarkable spectacle of fickleness and changeability that Geminis are famous for. This is due to their mutable nature.

I live in New York, so you can imagine how many dozens of pizzerias are in my neighborhood. Well, my darling baby brother has a penchant for changing his mind every week about which one makes "the best" pizza. He walks into my house, plops down in a chair, bites into a slice and begins his Gemini dance:

"Where’d you get this pizza from," he asks, with a scrunched-up face.

"I got it from Gina’s, just like you asked -- last week you said they make the best pizza," I reply.

"No, no, next time order from Mario’s pizzeria, they make it better. And don’t get any pepperoni."

"But I thought you love pepperoni?" By now I’m looking at his wife and we both roll our eyes.

"Yeah, but I’m not in the mood for it. Just get regular next time."

I sit down, grab my own pepperoni slice, look over to Mary and wink, "Typical Gemini!"

If I didn’t understand his nature, maybe I'd get annoyed at the fact that I have 20 pizza menus in my house and I have to play this ongoing game of "who makes the best pizza?" But since I know it’s part of his character, I recognize this fickle nature as symbolic of something much deeper.

Gemini’s are perceived as dualistic and flighty because they have an intense need to look at an issue from every possible perspective in order to process it. Gemini is constantly collecting new information and thinking about what he’s just experienced. Since this is a never-ending cycle, his mind is in a continual process of growth and evolvement. Of course, opinions change like the wind during this growth.

That explains why my brother can be on one side of the fence in the morning and move on to the other side by afternoon. He's not being two-faced. He’s not being a double talker -- no, he’s evolving!

You'll always find this quick witted sign up-to-date on the latest news. Basil reads the newspaper daily, feeling that he can't get through his morning if he doesn’t know what’s going on in the world. His greatest talent and passion is playing the drums. Mercury rules the nervous system and Geminis are one of the more jittery horoscope signs. Have you ever noticed how fast a drummer moves those sticks? I get tired watching my brother banging away, wondering to myself how his wrists aren’t killing him. But to Basil, moving fast is second nature.

Geminis are called the "jack of all trades and master of none." This is because Gemini often has so much that interests him, and so many talents and abilities, he can’t seem to focus on one thing long enough to become an expert.

If something doesn't hold their interest -- including a relationship -- Gemini will move on to collect something new to hold his attention. Ahhh ... relationships. It isn't that a Gemini is unfaithful or incapable of commitment -- that trait can't be determined by the Sun sign alone. A Gemini does, however, need to be with someone who understands and respects his need for variety and stimulation. These needs are apparent in career path, as well, and Gemini’s are known for having more than one career path, sometimes even juggling them at the same time!

Early education experiences and siblings will often be very significant in Gemini's life. My brother had a difficult time in elementary school because of not being diagnosed with Dyslexia until later grades. It was harder on him still because his two older sisters went through the school system first and teachers were often comparing him to us. This blocked his ability to learn even more because it sent the subtle message that something was wrong with him because he learned in a different way from his siblings

Not every Gemini has a learning disability, but every Gemini has a communication lesson to learn, and for my brother one of his central communication lessons has been to overcome his Dyslexia and believe in his ability to learn and communicate effectively. As an adult, he's become a master debater; some of my favorite times with him are around my kitchen table on pizza night after I've put the kids to bed and the adults start talking. The conversation is never boring!

Geminis, as they tackle this lesson of collecting and processing knowledge in order to become better communicators, often end up being some of the most significant teachers to the rest of us. They teach us to have an open mind, laugh at life and question what we don't understand. They show us that a little flexibility isn't so bad, and that there are several sides to any story. In my opinion, Basil is doing an amazing job learning his communication lessons. There's no one else I'd rather call to brighten my day.

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6 Comments to "Real Life Astrology: Gemini"
The profile picture for Thelma.
Thelma says:
Sun, 10/14/2012 - 10:54

WOW, I share a Birthday with Basil...well maybe not the year but May 29th it is. He sounds familiar =) May be share a voice mail message with us sometime...yes, I love a great laugh too...one of the highlights of my day!!

The profile picture for Mike gentry.
Mike gentry says:
Tue, 10/09/2012 - 08:56

wow, basil sounds like me ! i too am a gem 6-1-61 with leo rising. i drive people crazy beating on things ! i was a drummer throughout school before turning to the bass and lead guitar. i still have the thirst to play the drums. i am left handed which even more has me looking at things from a different angle.. i have actually been told by someone that if they are having a bad day that all they have to do is call me lol ! when i read that about Basil and then the drummer part, i was amazed ! i look at other gems to find if we are similar esp if they have a close birth date to mine but i never get anyone that fits anywhere close as Basil , wow !

The profile picture for Tellstar99.
Tellstar99 says:
Fri, 07/13/2012 - 09:06

Last week Maria's astrological prediction for capricorn was that Saturday capricorn will give up something for good. I wondered what would that be for me. I thought might it be a relationship and felt sad thinking and hoping it wouldn't be with my friend. Well, a friend, all right. My dog felt ill Saturday night and hasn't improved from his illness for nearly two weeks. Today he died and loss is so much. I thought of reading back Maria's capricorn astrology for July 1 to verify that she did say it but couldn't access. Perhaps, not there any more.

The profile picture for Jeri.
Jeri says:
Sat, 06/09/2012 - 14:53

Basil sounds like a very unique individual and your lucky to have him for a brother, My experiences with Geminis is not as pleasent. A very close relative of mine was a Gemini, she
was as evil and mean as can be,The thing that bothered me the most was the lying. She would tell lies , make up stories,I mean go on and on. Their are 2 other Geminis in my life. Man, I would sit there with my mouth open at the ridiculous stories that comes out of their mouths..
Now they are smart people, No need to go on like they do. One of them said that his friend got in
a car accident and he went to the hospital. The doc. went in the room and asked him {my friend}
to step out. my friend said Im ok . So the doctor asked my friend to caome and put his finger on
the Juggler vein of his friend to stop the bleeding. It went on and on at the end the nurse told my friend that the doc told my friend that {he should take up medicine he had great potential}.
anyway thats just one small example of my experiences with Geminis
thanks Jeri ..

The profile picture for Winston Smith.
Winston Smith says:
Sun, 05/27/2012 - 07:20

Good, ol' Basil. I don't think I have any aspects in Gemini, though lately I've been feeling like I'm being pulled (and pushed) in two different directions. (Humm pulled and pushed. Doesn't that make four directions?)

Wonderful column; great points.


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