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Divine Discontent

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Maria DeSimone's Blog

Maria DeSimone

Divine Discontent

Tue, 07/19/2011 - 11:50 am PST by Maria DeSimone

Divine discontent. It seems to be yet another theme all around me these days. So what is this feeling of "blah, my life just totally sucks right now" really all about?

Believe it or not, it's an important message from our higher self trying to get through. Something, somewhere in life must not be right and a shift needs to happen in order to lead us to the next phase of personal growth. But what?

I actually think we know the answer to this deep down. That's why it's called divine discontent. It's our highest spiritual self trying to steer past the murky waters of our personality. Those darn personalities! They're constantly getting in the way of real growth because they're so distracted with practicalities like "If I quit the job I hate then how will I pay the bills?" or "If I leave the marriage that has me feeling terribly unfulfilled what will happen to the business my spouse and I built together?”

And that's the problem with being human. We're a sensitive mix of both personality and soul and we must learn to balance our soul growth requirements with our personalities needs. I guess this is where the expression "life's s bitch" came from.

But remember, somewhere in that discontent of yours is the spark of the divine. Eventually it will lead you to a strong enough desire to create a change in your life or you'll unconsciously create the circumstances needed for events to happen that force you to make the changes.

Either way, that nagging feeling of discontent shouldn't have a hold on you for long. If it does then it's a red flag that you're stalled in a vital area of personal growth and happiness. Perhaps we should talk. I'm pretty sure I can help you get back in touch with your "true north." After all, you're divine. You shouldn't live with discontentment blocking it.

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