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Chinese Astrology About the Dog Sign

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The Dog Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Disquiet Dog
Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Dog in love

Love for the Dog man

The Dog man is hypersensitive and proud. They have enough confidence to find a romantic partner, but will withdraw completely if their feelings are hurt. If you love a Dog man, try to hold him on a "short leash" and lead with tenderness. He adores being quietly dominated and will love you forever for your guidance. He will only accept a partner who is committed to truth and, if you are the right one, he will let you in completely. Make your Dog feel secure about your true feelings -- if you know he's your guy, look forward to a long, passionate relationship.

Love for the Dog woman

You Dog women are not easy to catch, and you tend to be distant -- even when you dream of passionate love. When you finally admit you are in love, you will show your feelings discreetly -- or even secretly -- until you feel secure. If you love a Dog woman, you'll learn that she doesn't trust many people -- but when she does, it's forever. She's an extremely involved mother; a Dog's children are usually wonderfully behaved, and can do no wrong in her eyes. Her devotion is unrivaled and unlike any other Chinese horoscope animal.

The Dog and Money

When it comes to money, Dogs are not as independent as you might think -- they need good advisors to protect them financially. Without a long-term plan, they tend to spend a bit too freely. The needs of others motivate Dogs to earn and save for the benefit of others. But money can also make them worried and pessimistic when they feel they don't have enough for the destiny that calls them.

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