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Chinese Astrology About the Goat Sign

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The Goat Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Gentle Goat
Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Goat in love

Love for the Goat man

Goat men will start to fall in love, but then pull back. Goat guys tend to be overly critical and focus on finding the perfect partner -- who, of course, may not exist. Once they can let go of their high standards, they can open their hearts. If you love a Goat man, give him a confidence boost! Although, he can be moody, which is very frustrating for any partner.

Love for the Goat woman

This woman loves to pampered and showered with gifts. A Goat woman likes a perfect household -- having a clean and beautiful home with her partner is very satisfying to her. Most Goat women believe in and seek out the traditional marriage ... and, with their natural creativity, they usually find it.

The Goat and Money

Goats love to work hard for their money, but they must be allowed plenty of creative freedom. They are inventors at heart and can make money with innovative ideas. As logical thinkers, they also make great engineers. Money handling is no different -- they earn and spend with a combination of creativity and logical reasoning. The Goat knows how to save, even when money is tight. In fact, they are the ones to dream up and launch new money-making tactics, which tend to attract many followers. Their dreams of getting rich propel them forward, but Goats struggle with believing in themselves.

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