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The Monkey Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Merry Monkey
Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Monkey in love

Love for the Monkey man

Before they settle down, male Monkeys like to play the field. They attract partners with their humor and by sharing their fantasies about marriage. The Monkey man may quickly decide that he wants to move in together, but don't be deceived ... he may still behave like a single guy who loves to party. He needs a lot of social freedom to be satisfied and feel young at heart.

Love for the Monkey woman

Monkey women take time to find the right partner. However, they tend to have a short passion span. But you can inspire a Monkey woman by taking her to interesting places like the theatre, and by showing off your knowledge of the arts. It's important to follow a Monkey's rhythm -- she can be very up and down emotionally, but once you have children together, she'll be devoted to you for the rest of her life. Monkey women love to take care of family and children. Just make sure you keep up a lively social life, so she can tap into excitement and glamour.

The Monkey and Money

Monkeys know how to accumulate wealth, although they sometimes acquire money in nontraditional ways. They want financial comfort, even if it means sacrificing personal freedom. After all, the Monkey feels it's better to make a decent living than make nothing at all.

Using their imagination, Monkeys can take a failing company and turn it around through the sheer force of their ideas. Unfortunately, they are quickly bored and need new stimuli to keep going. Monkeys can also be stubborn and invest in the wrong cause if, in their fantasies, they are convinced it will turn out well.

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