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Chinese Astrology About the Rat Sign Love & Money

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The Rat Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Relentless Rat Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Rat in love

Love for the Rat man

This man loves the good life. According to his love horoscope, his ideal form of pleasure involves multiple love interests and sumptuous food. Using his charming personality, the Rat man sees love as an extended practice session until he finds the one he truly wants ... which he may never find. Don't let his generosity fool you -- it's usually self-serving. But eventually, he'll settle down with someone who at least comes close to his ideal partner. When a Rat becomes a father, he teaches everything he knows to his children -- which may or may not be a good thing!

Love for the Rat woman

It's all about the game of love for the Rat woman, and she's just as happy falling in love over and over again. One of the most passionate signs, she can also be very jealous -- so be loyal to her. Otherwise, you'll feel her sharp words and actions. Her long-term partner must be strong, charming and full of undying love.

The Rat and Money

The Rat's main goal in life is, simply put, to reach success -- and lots of it! Rats will make it their mission to obtain the recognition they seek ... even if it means investing all of their time and money. Unfortunately, their over-detailed tendencies may cause them to lose sight of the big picture and ultimately fail. The Rat can be distracted by the smallest things. However, their charm may be just enough to enable them to survive without much money at all. Rats make great bankers, politicians, salespeople and software specialists.

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