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Chinese Astrology About the Rooster Sign

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The Rooster Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Resilient Rooster
Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Rooster in love

Love for the Rooster man

The Rooster man is very charming. He has more female friends than male, and he attracts them with his passion for beauty and luxury. If you love a Rooster man, he'll give you many chances to show off with him -- but he can also be demanding. Rooster guys want to find someone who will take care of them. They want to be proud of their partner ... someone who takes care of themselves physically and spiritually. Life will never be dull -- or calm -- with a Rooster man. If you snag one, hold tight -- you're in for a very interesting ride.

Love for the Rooster woman

The female Rooster is more loyal than the Rooster man, as she wants to be the only woman in his life. She will do anything for her partner, as long as she can be proud of him or her and is sure that her partner's loyalty is unwavering. Her love horoscope sees her taking care of her children (as a mother hen so beautifully does).

The Rooster and Money

A Rooster needs money to be happy. They are practical in their approach to finances but rarely frugal. They'll spend freely on beautiful things that show off their success. Expressing gratitude is hard for the Rooster, as pride gets in the way. The Rooster's love of luxury will prompt them to work hard to support their extravagant tendencies. But Roosters will share their resources with people in need -- as long as it doesn't become a habit.

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