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Chinese Astrology: 2011 Horoscope for the Ox

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2011 Ox Chinese Horoscopes

The Ox's Horoscope

Year of the Metal Rabbit
(Feb. 3, 2011-Jan. 23, 2012)

by Stephanie Dempsey

Ox Chinese Horoscopes

As a general rule, the Ox doesn't welcome change. However, some positive transitions are poised to occur in 2011, and they'll be ones that even this sedentary creature enjoys. A leisurely vacation, a change of residence and a new job are all possibilities this year. Try to be receptive whenever you're offered a chance to do something different. You won't be sorry!

It is critical to be more flexible in the Year of the Metal Rabbit, especially when it comes to work. Refusing to try a colleague's methods can lead to a bitter argument. Stop being so stubborn and at least experiment with different approaches. The more flexible you are, the more appreciative your boss will be.

The Ox is famous for its contentment. While this is an admirable trait, you can afford to raise your expectations this year. Better work assignments, more attractive surroundings and higher pay could be in the cards for you. Don't settle for second best in any arena. The Year of the Rabbit is destined to bring improvements to the Ox's life, provided you are willing to demand what you are worth.

Home improvements are highly favored this year. Building an addition, redecorating some rooms or ridding spaces of clutter will boost the Ox's energy level. If an Ox doesn't have a place of its own, 2011 is a wonderful time to buy an apartment, condominium or house. The leisurely energy of a Rabbit year is perfect for Oxen to attain the domestic harmony they always desire.

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