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Chinese Astrology: 2011 Horoscope for the Rat

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2011 Rat Chinese Horoscopes

The Rat's Horoscope

Year of the Metal Rabbit
(Feb. 3, 2011-Jan. 23, 2012)

by Stephanie Dempsey

Rat Chinese Horoscopes

Rabbit years are notoriously leisurely ones, which don’t sit well with the industrious Rat. The Rat will be forced to slow down in 2011, despite their best efforts to stir things up. Patience definitely will be a virtue in the Year of the Rabbit. Instead of trying to maximize your productivity, focus on improving the quality of your work. Rather than making the rounds of as many parties as possible, spend quality time with one or two friends.

One of the most beautiful gifts this year will afford the Rat is a chance to develop a hobby. Writing is especially favored. Penning a book, screenplay, or short story collection will give Rats a chance to express their creativity. If the Rat plays its cards right, it could get a lucrative job writing an instructional manual or how-to book this Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Metal Rabbit will offer at least one valuable educational opportunity for the Rat. Professional training, night school, or refresher courses will stimulate the Rat’s sharp intellect and open professional doors that were previously closed. Of course, taking classes will require some changes to the Rat’s daily routine, but it’s all in the name of advancement.

At least one significant friendship will be made in this sociable year. For the most part, though, Rats will stick close to the people they’ve loved and cherished for years. 2011 may not be the most dynamic year for Rats, but that will be a blessing in disguise for these over-tired creatures!

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