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Chinese Astrology: 2011 Horoscope for the Rooster

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2011 Rooster Chinese Horoscopes

The Rooster's Horoscope

Year of the Metal Rabbit
(Feb. 3, 2011-Jan. 23, 2012)

by Stephanie Dempsey

Rooster Chinese Horoscopes

The Year of the Metal Rabbit's placid pace may pose many challenges for the driven Rooster. Instead of pushing for more money, personal success and fame, this sign should count their blessings. The best strategy for navigating the calm waters ahead is to dial things down a few notches. For Roosters, staying home is favored over frequenting nightclubs, restaurants and parties now. Saving money is preferable to spending, and listening is preferable to talking.

Family can be a source of turmoil in this Rabbit year. Older relatives are stubborn and won't likely break inconvenient routines. Still, one relative may have valuable advice for the Rooster. It would be wise to follow this counsel, as Roosters feel out of their depth in Rabbit years. If you want to gain favor with someone special, you should assume a modest, laid-back attitude. Showing off will only turn off the object of the Rooster's affection.

This year places special emphasis on the Rooster's appearance. Take pains to get regular haircuts, spa treatments and dental checkups. Regular trips to the gym will help to stave off weight gain and enable you to wear the attractive styles you enjoy. If your clothes look shabby and out of date, the Year of the Metal Rabbit may be perfect for going on a shopping spree. Fashion will be one area where it can be acceptable to splurge in 2011.

Diplomacy is emphasized for Roosters this Rabbit year. Instead of insisting on getting your way, try meeting colleagues, friends and neighbors in the middle. Although the peaceful ways of the Rabbit year may not sit well with the rambunctious Rooster, they can afford some valuable lessons.

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