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Chinese Astrology: 2011 Love Horoscope for the Tiger

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2011 Ox Chinese Love Horoscopes

The Tiger's Love Horoscope

Year of the Metal Rabbit
(Feb. 3, 2011-Jan. 23, 2012)

by Stephanie Dempsey

Tiger Chinese Love Horoscopes

Friendship trumps romance for Tigers during this Year of the Rabbit. Singles should focus on meeting new people, rather than walking down the aisle. Outdoor activities will likely trigger chance meetings that that turn into fortunate outcomes. Serious commitments are not favored, unless the Tiger has been seriously dating someone for a long time. Still, the Year of the Metal Rabbit favors lighthearted fun over affairs of the heart.

Family relations may be strained in this Rabbit year. The Tiger wants to devote time and energy to people that have their best interests at heart. Relatives that have discouraged their dreams or tried to manipulate their feelings may be held at arm's length now, but there will be opportunities to mend broken fences in other years. During a Rabbit year, though, the Tiger has to behave a little more selfishly in relationships, if only to overcome their insecurities.

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