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282 Comments to "Contact Us Channel Entry Page"
The profile picture for JW.
JW says:
Thu, 01/12/2012 - 12:17

please PLEASE don't advise your readers to 'let your cat have a litter of kittens" - it's incredibly irresponsible. Are you aware of just how many unwanted cats die in shelters every single day??
Terrible of you to overlook that.

The profile picture for Carol.
Carol says:
Sat, 01/07/2012 - 18:50

I have read my stars for the past week and the are so so stupid, not everyone has a partner so why do you write this stuff? I'm 73yrs old and todays and yesterdays are plain ridiculous!

The profile picture for Katie.
Katie says:
Thu, 01/05/2012 - 21:44

I have noticed recently that your Planet Placements section is a day or so behind on movements. The moon moved into Gemini today, and you still have it in Taurus. Just an observation.

The profile picture for Katie.
Katie says:
Thu, 01/05/2012 - 21:44

I have noticed recently that your Planet Placements section is a day or so behind on movements. The moon moved into Gemini today, and you still have it in Taurus. Just an observation.

The profile picture for sean.
sean says:
Mon, 01/02/2012 - 11:23

I stoped getting emails can you help, slavack81@yahoo.com

The profile picture for Katie.
Katie says:
Wed, 12/28/2011 - 17:16

I love Daily Horoscope. I love that you are one of the very few astrology sites that provides a wealth of information without my having to pay or have a particular server or email service installed. So many astrology sites are so pretentious.

The profile picture for Myda D. Jaz.
Myda D. Jaz says:
Wed, 11/09/2011 - 13:32

I love this site. Daily Horoscopes, Planet Pulse, the Blogs...but at the risk of my Karma, I must say that Oranum makes it very unpleasant. It interfears, it freezes my computer, it causes Security Certificate errors, it's loud and generally slows down EVERYTHING. Is there some way that it can be closed to the live feed unless someone opens it? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it, just that it is annoying to those of us who are not interested. I posted to Face book and had to issue an appology to my friends...I like to watch every day, and I have it on my home Google page and in my Email, had it on FB too but then it just slows that down and cayses the same problems. Don't want to loose you but...

The profile picture for Nancy.
Nancy says:
Sun, 11/06/2011 - 10:10

No comment! Only question: I would like to save my daily I Ching. How do I do this? Also, how do I access my saved horoscopes, I Ching, etc.?

The profile picture for Linda.
Linda says:
Tue, 11/01/2011 - 09:15

I logged in to make a comment and to research the "Day of the Dead", when I logged in, it recognized me, but said access diened, what do i do

The profile picture for Dawn.
Dawn says:
Mon, 10/31/2011 - 03:29

PLANET pULSE NOT WORKING SINCE YESTERDAY. says across the video unavailable or access denied for everyone not just me.

by Emily Trinkaus

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