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Conjunction Junction, What’s Your Function?

Hooking up two planets and making somethin' out of nothin'

Deadlines just won’t do today. We want freedom and independence to explore new ideas and experiences (especially "crazy" ones), and to continue chasing the clear view of the future that was finally delivered to us yesterday like a holiday gift that got lost in the mail. We’re so relieved it finally got here!

It’s Wednesday, Jan. 5 and we can still feel the stimulating shift that began with yesterday’s exact conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. In fact, that same “exact” energy is reinvigorated today as the Moon shifts from Capricorn into Aquarius -- which is ruled by Uranus.

This means everything we talked about yesterday still holds true today, and maybe even more so as our minds are further expanded by the unconventional Aquarius Moon.

We love this combination of cosmic energy -- not only are we optimistic about the future and confident about making changes, but we also are completely open to just about any wacky idea presented to us. Move to the Bahamas to serve cocktails on a beach? OK! Sign up your cat with a professional pet talent agency and get that furball’s movie career going? Let’s do it!

But before we do it, let’s get together and talk about it. Today is perfect for social gatherings and swapping ideas with friends, who may have some offbeat ideas of their own to add to the mix. This suggestion-swapping is ideal because you and your friends can inspire one another with interesting goals for the future, but also help rein one another in if either of you takes it too far. For example, chipmunk importing and exporting does sound fun, but do you really think it’s a viable career?

Then again, who are we to judge. It just might be your ticket. Today’s magical quality makes almost anything possible, so you can create great big living dreams from the skimpiest origins of thought. Just be sure you don’t get so caught up planning future adventurse that you forget to tend to your current life, too. The future will be here soon enough, and the recycling bin needs to be emptied.

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