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Don't Fall Off Your Mood Swing

Hold tight as the Moon pushes you back and forth

Um, why aren’t “mood swings” fun? They sound like they should be fun. Like, life is a great big playground and there’s a long line for the mood swing ‘cause we all want to take a turn. Fun! Not.

It’s Friday, March 25, and the philosophical Sagittarius Moon is swinging to and fro between several harmonious aspects to Mercury, Venus and Neptune, and a couple of not-so-harmonious squares to Mars and Uranus.

This push and pull might result in some high and low mood swings today, and no -- it’s not fun. But it’s also nothing you can’t handle, especially if you think things through before acting too hastily on any high or low moment.

With the day’s high moments, try not to get too carried away by your enthusiasm that you overlook details and act too hastily.

And with the lower moments that come courtesy of the Moon-square-Mars-and-Uranus, just be sure you pick your battles wisely. These transits bring out your insecure and over-sensitive side, and it might result in some defensive behavior. You really don’t need to lash out at every little thing that upsets you, do you?

Learn to let the small things go today, and you won’t scab your knees on the cosmic playground.

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