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Is Something Fishy Going On?

You bet there is, but more power to Pisces!

by Karen

There’s definitely something fishy going on, but relax -- this time it’s a good thing. Five key planets are swimming around together in the emotional ocean that is Pisces, and this fishy sign is known for making a splash with deep feelings and fuzzy emotions. We like that much better than the cold, harsh intellect we’ve experienced in recent weeks, right?

It’s Wednesday, Feb. 23, and Mars, Chiron, Mercury, the Sun and Uranus are all in Pisces, which has us diving to emotional depths that require extra oxygen. The only way we could go any deeper is if there also happened to be a Scorpio Moon. Oh, wait. Guess what, there is a Scorpio Moon!

All this means we are going to experience our emotions today like some kind of extreme sport. There will be highs and lows and we’ll feel them all sharply as we share feelings, dig up hidden desires and explore the deeper meaning of things.

If ever there was a day to avoid superficial encounters, it’s today. You won’t be able to stomach it. If someone asks you how you liked Snookie’s outfit on the latest episode of “Jersey Shore,” you very well might scream. Ok, maybe that’s a bad example 'cuz that would pretty much make anyone scream, but you know what we mean.

Take advantage of today’s Pisces power to relate to people on a deeper level, and enjoy the feeling of connectedness you receive as a nice little cosmic gift.

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