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Daily Buzz: Great Expectations

All I wanted was a Chia Pet . . .

If you've got ants in your pants as we wrap up the last week of 2010, you're not alone. With the Moon squaring fiery Mars and Venus making an anxious semi-square to Pluto, we're all a bit tense. Hmmmm.... wonder why, exactly?

It's Tuesday, Dec. 28 and our finances are a mess. It's hard to stay relaxed and calm when we just got the overdraft notice for all those last-minute Chia Pet gifts we bought last week. Hopefully you're not feeling too resentful about the over-spending -- after all, it feels good to give (even if you gave a Chia Puppy that turned out not to be housebroken), and that knowledge should soothe your soul even as the Moon-Mars square invites resentment.

Or maybe you're angry for another reason, though you can't quite put your finger on it? Here, let us put our cosmic finger on it for you in one word: Expectations. Is it possible you wanted something from the holidays you didn't get? A gift, a promise, a proposal perhaps?

Your deepest desires may not have been met recently, and today could be the day you come unhinged about it. But try to be fair -- did you let your needs be known? If not, you may need to let it go to avoid unnecessary conflict. Can you really justify being angry with someone for not doing something you never expressed you wanted in the first place?

Expectations are tricky like that, and doubly so if you set yourself up during the holidays. And now that you're left wanting, you may be overcome with feelings of suspicion, jealously, paranoia... emotions that speak more about fear than reality. Be patient.

Today's aspects probably have you overthinking it all. Yet however disappointed you may be, it's important not to overreact. If you can just bide your time until Mercury goes direct on Thursday, you may get what you want after all -- whether it's a marriage proposal or a Chia Pet.

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