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Daily Buzz: Tell Me Lies

Sweet little harmless lies, of course

It’s the first full day of winter and we’re cozying up to a Cancer Moon, unleashing our darling domestic sides to fuss over friends and family and make sure everyone feels loved. Even if it means lying to them.

Excuse me?

Yes, well, you see it’s for their own good. Or is it? Mars is forming a semi-square to Neptune that makes it difficult to tell.

On this Wednesday, Dec. 22, you might find yourself struggling to figure out what you want, who you are and what is the right thing to do. And while you’re all caught up in your own private struggle, you may convince yourself of the need to protect those close to you by not exactly telling them the truth. Not necessarily lying, but evading at least. Which is pretty much the same thing, right?

It’s quite the karmic conundrum, isn’t it? Is it OK to lie to someone if you feel you’re doing it to protect them?

Do what you have to do, but our advice today is to take a little time out. Your energy is probably low, and you may in fact be feeling a bit blue. There's something about thinking too hard that almost always turns into worry, doesn't it?

In that case, we recommend finding something mellow and enjoyable you can do alone -- at least for a few hours to help clear your head.

How about sneaking away to a coffee shop with a good book and indulging in something decadent, like a triple caramel eggnogg peppermint mocha cappucino?

Or go for a relaxing foot massage and pedicure, in which you paint your toes a festive holiday shade to match Santa's suit.

Best of all, we say head to the movies solo and hog a whole bucket of large popcorn to yourself! You can even lie about that later without doing much damage to your Karma. Wink.

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