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Don't Get Stung by Mercury

Mercury is putting the “buzz” back in Daily Buzz

We refer to this daily Astrology advice column as the “Daily Buzz,” and today that title is more accurate than ever! We are positively buzzing with mental activity as Mercury meets up with shocking Uranus and then moves into energetic Aries at 9:47 a.m. (PST).

It’s Wednesday, March 9, and today’s excitement might even eclipse yesterday’s Mardi Gras party scene. See, when mental Mercury conjuncts Uranus as it does this morning, it speeds up your thoughts and words to a degree you might not even be able to handle. And that’s going to be even more so now with Mercury moving into Aries, too, so the real challenge is not to sting or be stung.

Today thoughts will ricochet around our minds like stray bullets, and some will hit upon brilliant new ideas. Others will shoot right out of our mouths and hit someone unintentionally, so do try to watch your mouth a little more carefully than usual.

Another aspect adding some bang to today’s buzz is the Sun’s evening quintile to Pluto, which will intensify our emotions and bring up some competitive urges or the desire for creative challenges.

We’ve got two words for all this: GAME NIGHT! Invite your friends over for an epic round of Scattergories, or get thee to the nearest trivia night at a local pub. Or at the very least settle down to put together a puzzle or solve a Sudoku while your clever capacity is so high.

Doesn't that seems like a great way to take advantage of all this extra mental energy and have a little fun in the process, too? Let the Mercury mind games begin.

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Wed, 03/09/2011 - 06:58


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