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Moving in Together: The Best Bet

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I am moving in with my boyfriend in about a month. We are both very excited. But excitement wasn't the only response for either of us when the idea of moving in together was first on the table, it was more excitement mixed with horrible fear and anxiety. While I was worried, "What if we break up? How terrible would that be?" His worries were more along the lines of, "Will I have enough time to myself? What about football?" Once a football agreement was laid out (he can always watch football) and a break-up plan was introduced (don't) we were on our way, on our way to deciding if he can hang up his Bruce Springsteen poster (he can) and buying synthetic down blankets and pillows since all of my down bedding will be trashed due to his allergies. While the list of negotiations we will face can go on and on, we already made the decision to do it and have signed a lease so I think it may be best to focus on the positives.

Some positives that I am focusing on:

No more over-night bags: It is so difficult lugging my hair straightener all over New York City. Not to mention the fact that I never remember to check the weather before I pack for the night and end up carrying around a bag (with my hair straightener) full of clothes that are nowhere near weather-appropriate.

Less scheduling: When our work days are over, our after work plans are complete. We won't have to text or call to see if the other one is home. No more waiting outside on a park bench in the dark with homeless people sleeping at my feet (with my overnight bag) for him to return since it wouldn't make sense to go home first. I can just go to my house and fall asleep. I won't have to wait up for him just to catch a glimpse of each other during a busy work week.

More for our money: New York City rent is ridiculous and so is having five roommates at 27. I just can't do it. Now we can afford a nice one-bedroom and live less like freshman in college with a loft bed, trying to figure out who bought what groceries, wondering why someone is drawing lines on milk cartons.

Sex: in more places than just the bedroom. Bed sex is nice. But so are random acts of sex, in the kitchen, on the couch, and in the shower.

It makes sense. Much more sense than allergies to amazing down comforters or football for three nights a week. While I am a little nervous about what he will think about my sloth Sundays and womanly grooming habits, it won't outweigh waking up next to his little face that I love (resting on synthetic down) every morning.

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