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Career Horoscopes for March 2011

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March Career 2011 Overview

March 2011
Career Horoscopes

Develop your skills

by Jeff Jawer

The seasons are turning this month as we're getting ready to blast off for a new astrological year. This shift occurs on March 20 when the Sun leaves imaginative Pisces and enters pioneering Aries. It's time to start taking action on our dreams. Fiery Aries is excellent for moving in a fresh direction but you don't need to have a fully worked out idea to get into the game. Beginning an educational program with a professional goal is an excellent way to get the ball rolling.

Developing new skills is another way to sharpen yourself in preparation for career advancement or even moving in a radically different direction. Whether you're willing and able to shift from your current line of work, it's worthwhile to explore the possibilities of moving in an entirely different direction. The Sun's entry into Aries is also an appropriate time to get in better physical shape. The increased confidence and vitality gained will be beneficial in every area of life, even work.

On March 21 the Sun joins revolutionary Uranus, which can lead to explosions. These may be brilliant ideas that radically alter the course of one's working life or a sudden realization that something has to change quickly. A tendency to rebel against authority figures could lead to a fight with the boss. Or an overwhelming desire for freedom can provoke some people to quit their jobs. Uranus is about breaking through, which works best when there's some planning to support a healthy transition.

Expansive Jupiter's opposition to serious Saturn on March 28, though, is the key career event of the month. Some may hit walls and realize that there's no room for growth on their current path. Take a hard cold look at reality and a new long-term strategy should emerge.

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