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March 2011 Horoscopes

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March 2011 Horoscope

March 2011 Horoscope

Planting the seeds of hope

by Jeff Jawer

March begins with winter and ends with spring in the Northern Hemisphere, marking a major turn in the weather and the debut of a new astrological year. Our seasonal based zodiac (which is not connected to the constellations and, thus, not out of phase as misleading astronomers have stated) starts on the first day of spring (vernal equinox) with the Sun's entry into Aries. The firepower of dynamic Aries is expected to be especially strong this year since expansive Jupiter is already in the sign of the Ram and revolutionary Uranus will follow on March 11.

We're already witnessing upheaval in Egypt that's primarily associated with boundless Jupiter's presence in Aries and an especially explosive New Moon in Aquarius back on February 2. Looking ahead, we can expect more change. Nevertheless, the Sun's presence in spiritual Pisces until March 20 is a reminder that what we humans have in common is infinitely greater than the differences that keep us apart.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 4 plants seeds of faith that raises hopes but also invites escapism for those unable to deal with reality. Pisces is the ocean of collective consciousness, a sea of sensitivity that evokes dreams, spurs faith and encourages compassion. Finding the words to express ourselves can be difficult when the emotional tides are so high that thoughts are drowned in feelings. While this Sun-Moon conjunction may fill hearts with romantic notions, spur creativity and motivate charitable acts, it's tempting to let go when pressures rise or lose confidence in stressful situations. Taking breaks from the demands of daily life is an excellent way to tap into the magic of Pisces without being overwhelmed by the vulnerability that's also associated with this tender sign.

There's a wave of fresh thinking and excitement, though, which starts on March 9. First, brainy Mercury joins with electric Uranus to excite our minds with original thinking. Mercury then enters Aries that same day, firing neurons with fresh insights that. The following day brings a bounty of pleasure as delightful Venus forms a harmonious 60-degree sextile with generous Jupiter.

On March 11 radical Uranus returns to Aries, which it visited briefly last year. This time there will be no retreat from this sign as the Uranian instincts for freedom and innovation begin a 7-year stay run that can shake, rattle and roll the world. A key to managing this explosive energy is to be flexible and adaptable. Great change can occur without major disruption when we don't allow fear or doubt to double resistance and increase pressure. The Sun's shift into Aries on March 20 is followed by a solar conjunction to Uranus the following day. This might spike up the electricity in the air to an unprecedented level.

There are, however, tender moments when loving Venus joins super-sensitive Neptune on March 26 before this romantic planet moves into Pisces on March 27. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which is traditional astrology's way of saying that it works well in this sign. There is a great well of sweetness that can bring a more gentle touch to relationships. Yet this softness in love and relationships is contrasted by the race for radical changes symbolized by the Sun and Uranus in Aries. Being able to skillfully shift from the hurry-up mode of impatient urgency to the relaxed romantic world of Venus in Pisces enables us to experience this diverse range of emotions instead of feeling pulled apart by them.

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