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May 2011 Horoscopes

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May 2011 Horoscope

May 2011 Horoscope

Feel your senses come alive

by Jeff Jawer

Earthy Taurus is highly activated this month as May begins with the Sun in a sign that awakens us to our senses and the physical delights of our planet. Taste, touch, smell, sight and sound enrich us with comforting experiences to please our bodies. There is, though, more than a dash of stubbornness in Taurus that is likely to reduce flexibility until the solar shift into adaptable Gemini on May 21.

Physical Mars enters the sign of the Bull on May 11 to slow the pace of activity. Yet persistence and patience can make us even more productive. Traditional astrology considers Taurus to be a difficult place for fiery Mars as this fixed earth sign inhibits the adventurousness and ability to take bold action associated with this planet.

On May 15 mental Mercury and loving Venus enter Taurus, adding reason and caution. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, suggesting a greater degree of common sense and values that help us appreciate the gifts we have and to recognize the true worth of people and things.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 2 forms a harmonious 120-degree trine with transformational Pluto, adding power and deeper perceptions that make it easier to eliminate waste and focus on essential details. A conjunction of active Mars and expansive Jupiter in Aries adds a dash of enthusiasm for new experiences that are likely to produce tangible results thanks to Taurean resourcefulness and pragmatism. On May 17 the Full Moon in emotionally complex Scorpio opposes the simple Taurus Sun, forcing relationship and financial issues into the foreground. Scorpionic desires and fears could become dramatic as discontent pushes emotional buttons.

The atmosphere grows lighter with the Sun's entry into airy Gemini on May 21, quickly followed by a solar square with Neptune on May 22. This strong 90-degree angle with the planet of dreams inspires faith and fantasies. Compassion and creativity are among its gifts but evasions of reality could cause confusion, weaken authority and diffuse focus. Still, a sexy Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus on May 23 lures us back into our bodies as we enjoy tastes and touches that have a perfect balance of comfort and stimulation.

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