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Today's Tarot Card

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019

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Tarot Card for Everyone for Today:

Queen of Coins

General Meaning:

Traditionally, representing the energy of a Queen, this feminine guardian is endowed with enormous good sense and problem solving energy, but she is not particularly entrepreneurial. She loves to advise, encourage, and empower those she gets involved with, studying their problems with them and setting them up to solve them. Traditionally, she was pictured as the Sibyl or Oracle, perhaps a Tarot reader, who made herself available to people in need, no matter what their social class or situation. In modern times, she will be found educating, healing, managing disaster aid programs or a charitable drive of some sort.

In every case, she does not see the benefits that exist in her life as belonging solely to her. She feels the needs of her people and will spend freely of her time, energy, skills, money to see that nobody is left out. For this, and because she likes to work in an atmosphere of beauty, enjoyment and abundance, she is sometimes accused of being extravagant. But she works hard, and she sees no reason to deny herself the rewards of a job well done. Everyone who comes in contact with her feels enriched by her enjoyment in living.

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121 Comments to "Tarot Card of the Day"
The profile picture for Alix.
Alix says:
Mon, 04/25/2011 - 11:40

i hate not being independent but i have a habit of clinging to everyone that i think i can trust but realize i cant

The profile picture for Mack.
Mack says:
Wed, 04/13/2011 - 16:25

I pity the Fool

The profile picture for J.
J says:
Wed, 03/30/2011 - 06:13

Deborah... experience has taught me that you never love exactly the same way twice, but that you can love more than once (it's just harder as you get older to find another love. I think because as we get older, each of us gets set in our ways and have less tolerance for each other's idiosyncrasies)

The profile picture for Linda.
Linda says:
Wed, 03/30/2011 - 03:48

Deborah .. I lost the love of MY life too just two years ago. I have been wondering the same thing. But, I think the love that we felt for our partners comes from within anyway so it can be produced again. I'm going to concentrate on falling in love with myself for a change. Good luck to you. Linda

The profile picture for Deborah.
Deborah says:
Fri, 03/18/2011 - 14:24

When I was 14, I met Paul 02-25-55, it was as if we had a physic bond. He Died 12-23-05. I am wondering if I will ever find a love so deep again

The profile picture for Shane.
Shane says:
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 14:05

last night's full moon was amazing!

The profile picture for Shane.
Shane says:
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 14:01

Will it be a full moon tonight?

The profile picture for Jamie.
Jamie says:
Sun, 01/16/2011 - 11:07

ya its a little cryptic today.... Run lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The profile picture for Jamie.
Jamie says:
Sun, 01/16/2011 - 11:07

ya its a little cryptic today.... Run lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The profile picture for Jamie Lynn.
Jamie Lynn says:
Thu, 12/16/2010 - 18:57

I love the Hermit card! It's sooooo me right now.

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