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Love planet Venus can reveal a lot about your style ... in bed! Find out what your personal Venus sign says about your erotic tendencies now!

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1659 Comments to "Learn About Your Horoscope Sign"
The profile picture for Diana.
Diana says:
Thu, 08/02/2012 - 02:18

Whatever you say boys!! xx

The profile picture for Cynthia Thompson.
Cynthia Thompson says:
Wed, 08/01/2012 - 09:32

Kim you said it, Mercury retrograde, and it always affects me, and everytime it is strong and it is this year, it makes my life bad, or shall I saw unlucky.

The profile picture for Kim.
Kim says:
Wed, 08/01/2012 - 08:00

Over-inflated with ideas?! Oh, watch out for the pin! Mercury's still in retrograde!

The profile picture for Luci.
Luci says:
Tue, 07/31/2012 - 02:53

This is Mondays...earlier I couldn't hear audio. Sounds like it fit with breakdown Moon in Cap.

If you try to be good the world turns bad
If you try to be bad the world will want you to be good.

I been on this blog where haters have caused disruptions ...I been holding the positive
to balance and get attack for it. Today, insanity of haters, I choose to reply with FUBAR.
these haters swarmed to call me bad. They lack funny bone.
I was feeling guilty of allowing this attack.
But, too big to fight the tide...go with tide
is the answer to my question...thank you.
I will let go of my guilt to control.

The profile picture for Luci.
Luci says:
Tue, 07/31/2012 - 02:43

I have been visualizing clearing my load of 'Uncertainty' of my life.
Imagine myself more than what I AM.
anything and everything is possible just rings so true...where I can actually believe it can happen for ME.

The profile picture for Janice Roe.
Janice Roe says:
Mon, 07/30/2012 - 05:59

I loved today's video, I now know that the creative forces are with me to finish before a looming deadline. After reading the comments posted, I went back and looked at yesterday;s video. I was so busy yesterday that I missed watching. I am still laughing. I'm going to start getting up earlier so that I won't miss Rick and Jeff in the morning. What a delightful way to start the day, a cup of coffee and Rick and Jeff.

The profile picture for Luci.
Luci says:
Sun, 07/29/2012 - 18:29

The pic of video..said..I have to watch this one!

The combining of inner child and outer adult...like that...

Lidda, have a childlike fun at bday party.
Chair...strange message...or does someone need a time-out chair.?

The profile picture for Chairistiona Silver Moon.
Chairistiona Si... says:
Sun, 07/29/2012 - 12:03

OK Rick, nice Einstein impersonation ... I understand your need to be silly as long as Saturn approves and it is in proper communal context ... and Jeff? ... I see how you have to keep am eye on him, and better takes notes as you may need them for future reference. ~ seriously ;p

The profile picture for Liddia.
Liddia says:
Sun, 07/29/2012 - 08:30

OMG hahahahaha Rick, you made my day with your gestures. I have been fighting the urge to have more fun than usual but not now. I am going to a Birthday party then I am going to go fishing even if I have to go by myself! Thanks for your plethera of wonderful readings.

The profile picture for Kim.
Kim says:
Sun, 07/29/2012 - 04:49

You guys were just so FUNNY with this one! I like it and try it today!!! Thanks!!!!

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