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Keep it quiet: Capricorn and keeping secrets

In your youth, you may have a tendency to leak others' secrets as a way to counteract your natural introversion and feel more popular. But as you mature, you quickly realize that your reputation depends on keeping others' confidences. And your reputation is everything to you. Especially when it comes to business matters, your lips are sealed -- you'll likely protect the company's interests over those of an individual.

Balance the books: Managing money for Capricorn

Money management is just one of your many strengths, Capricorn. The secret to your financial success is your ability to find necessities at bargain rates. You can then put your extra money into savings accounts and investment portfolios. Waiting for interest to accumulate is no problem for you -- actually, you enjoy the process. Just resist the temptation to confuse your financial wealth with your personal value -- the two are totally unrelated. Get more advice regarding your finances and investments from a Financial Celtic Cross Tarot reading here »

Play it up: Capricorn's Favorite board games

For you, Capricorn, a board game has to be orderly, organized and extremely strenuous on an intellectual level. And what's the only game that fits that description? Chess. Honestly, does any other game actually apply in all those departments? Hardly. Chess involves planning and a high degree of intelligence -- not to mention strategy, the most important quality of all.

Waste some time: A guilty pleasure for Capricorn

Like fellow Earth sign Virgo, you are a workhorse. And you're loathe to take time off when you don't need to, but a little frivolous fun in the middle of your work week could do wonders! During your usual 9-to-5 shift, opt for playing hooky and doing something nurturing for yourself. Go to a movie, get a pedicure or schedule a midday session with your therapist. Better yet, disconnect completely and go for a hike! It'll do your systems-obsessed self a world of good.

Save the world: The Capricorn superhero

Superman's horoscope sign is under much debate, most likely because he has two birthdays -- one on Krypton and the other on Earth. Because he chose Earth, earthy Capricorn best represents Superman. Like most of you Caps, the man of steel is grounded, solid and loyal. He's also a determined force to be reckoned with, and he will not waver in his fight for truth, Justice and the American way.

Cut that out: Breaking Capricorn bad habits

This sign is the original workaholic. You Capricorns fear that poverty will set in the moment you stop toiling. Keeping a gratitude journal can break this terrible habit. The more you becomes aware of you non-material blessings, the healthier your behavior will become. No more cutting vacations short for the sake of work!

Flaunt it! The first date outfit for Capricorn

Adding feminine touches will soften your professional look, Capricorn, and show your date that you're about business AND pleasure. Try a sheer, slightly ruffled top over slim-fit jeans or pencil skirt and heels. If you're going to a casual place, let your down-to-earth-side come out by wearing an embroidered peasant top with jeans or belted over a flowing skirt. Avoid browns and neutrals -- a dash of pink or purple is sure to please! Keep your love life on track with more insight from a Relationship Potentials reading now »

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