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Keep it quiet: Gemini and keeping secrets

You're the least likely to honor others' secrets, as you prefer everything out in the open. When a juicy bit of gossip lands in your lap, it usually doesn't stay there for long. You don't really think of it as gossiping, exactly ... just sharing info. And keeping others informed is your mission in life. If sworn to secrecy, you can stay mum on life-or-death issues. But since it goes against all your instincts, you'd actually rather not be told.

Balance the books: Managing money for Gemini

You're a whiz at making money ... but saving money is entirely another issue. You're eternally young, so putting money aside for your old age is a challenging concept for you. Try having two savings accounts -- one a short-term savings account for things like classes and trips, and the other a retirement plan. The best way for you to stay true to your savings goals is to have money automatically deposited into these accounts each and every week. Get more advice regarding your finances and investments from a Financial Celtic Cross Tarot reading here »

Play it up: Gemini's favorite board games

Your sign is ruled by Mercury, the most cerebral planet out there. Mercury specializes in quick thinking, which is passed on to you. What board games require those skills? Trivial Pursuit is your absolute specialty, since your famous for knowing just a touch of everything about everything. Then there's Scrabble, the word game that requires players to have a terrific vocabulary and the ability to spell. 

Waste some time: A guilty pleasure for Gemini

Ruled by Mercury, you are all about constant communication and absorbing your immediate environment. But as an Air sign, you're also constantly on the move. This makes you the perfect party guest, keeping things interesting and perfecting the art of mingling. So your guilty pleasure is to free yourself of your connectedness -- turn the phone off and leave it at home; close the laptop and tuck it away. Then go for a long drive to somewhere new and exciting, and rejoice in the simple pleasure of being unreachable.

Save the world: The Gemini superhero

True to the dual nature of Gemini, The Wonder Twins' powers are activated only when they touch each other and speak the words "Wonder Twin powers activate! Shape of... Form of..." As the changeable communicators of the zodiac, it's telling these Twins always have a new form to morph into -- and also telling that without each other their powers are useless. And like most multitasking Gemini Twins, the Wonder Twins have the power to be in two places at once!

Cut that out: Breaking Gemini's bad habits

While bountifully blessed with the gift of gab, Geminis are notoriously bad listeners. A good way to become more attentive is to practice staying silent. At first, you may have a hard time breaking the minute mark. Eventually, however, even you biggest blabbermouths will learn how to button your lips and open your ears!

Flaunt it! The first date outfit for Gemini

You have a dual personality, so why not convey both your introverted and extroverted sides in one dynamic look? One way is to accent your expressive arms and hands with signature jewelry such as chunky bracelets and rings, and let the rest of you go understated in a simple jersey top and straight-leg jeans. Consider a black and white pattern to symbolize the union of opposites -- perhaps a fun, flashy trench coat over jeans. Keep your love life on track with more insight from a Relationship Potentials reading now »

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