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Keep it quiet: Scorpio and keeping secrets

You're silent as the grave with your own private matters, Scorpio. But you really don't like to keep others' secrets, and often refuse to be told. You figure if it's a secret then the teller needs to keep it -- not you! You would probably refuse if something violated your morals, like an affair. As you become more open to those around you, you'll be asked less often to hide things for others. You likely have many personal secrets, though.

Balance the books: Managing money for Scorpio

Before making a purchase or investment, you like to do lots of research, Scorpio. There is one exception to this rule, however. When you feel strongly about an item, even if it seems illogical, you go for it. Fortunately, your instincts are usually right on target, so these splurges end up attracting even more wealth. It's rarely a good idea for you to lend or borrow money, as this practice can create resentments for you. Get more advice regarding your finances and investments from a Financial Celtic Cross Tarot reading here »

Play it up: Scorpio's favorite board games

Secrets. Intrigue. Mystery. That's what it's all about for Scorpios like you. So when it comes to board games, there's absolutely nothing like the original mystery game to whet your appetite: Clue. The very fact that there are several endings possible is enough to get you going, but if that doesn't do it, there are aisles and aisles in toy stores, listed under "Mysteries" -- and some are even listed under "Murder Mysteries." Those, of course, will allow to combine your special talents: "Analyst, Detective and Assassin."

Waste some time: A guilty pleasure for Scorpio

As a Water sign most closely associated with sex and death, you are all about depth, Scorpio. So go shallow for a day! Nestle up with sugary foods and take in some viewing that similarly offers absolutely no nutritional content -- watch some reality TV or a couple slapstick comedies. Enjoy superficial drama and mindless laughs for once!

Save the world: The Scorpio superhero

Dark and mysterious Scorpios love secrets, and Batman has the biggest secret of all: He doesn't actually have any superpowers. As Bruce Wayne, he keeps his Bat identity from everyone but Robin, who he relies upon for backup while he plots and schemes -- and who he also protects out of fierce loyalty, as any true Scorpio would. One word of caution to Robin? Don’t let Batman down, 'cause Scorpio has an unforgiving temper and you'll be driven right out of Gotham City faster that we can say na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

Cut that out: Breaking Scorpio's bad habits

Nobody carries a grudge better than your horoscope sign. Unfortunately, hanging on to resentments has a way of crowding out love, happiness and trust. For Scorpions to let go of anger, you must first practice self-care. Getting a massage every month or writing in a journal each day will soften this horoscope sign's heart and enable forgiveness.

Flaunt it! The first date outfit for Scorpio

Your natural sex appeal shines through whatever you wear, Scorpio, so there's no need to overdo it. A black v-neck shirt with classy jeans and boots would impress your date nicely. For a dressier event, try teaming a sensuous silk item -- think short dress -- or a jewel-toned wrap dress with pointy-toed pumps, or go with a metallic-threaded silk knit sweater over dark-toned jeans and sheer blouse. Keep your love life on track with more insight from a Relationship Potentials reading now »

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