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Read Your Valentine's Day Love Horoscope

Will cosmic cupid deliver romance this year?


Take the passion and enthusiasm that drives your love of life and tone it down just a bit today. The Moon, which defines the emotional atmosphere, is in cautious and self-protective Cancer. A gentle approach and cozy comfortable activity will be more seductive than a high-powered evening in a loud public place. Your sense of humor is a gift that should be used sparingly now since there's less than the usual tolerance for insensitive remarks. Tenderness is the legal tender of love now, so a softer and slower approach to the one you're with is likely to be most appealing. There's no hurry and nowhere special you need to go when you're in the company of your true love today.


This could be a very special Valentine's Day because the Moon, setter of moods, is in your 7th House of Partnership. This increases your chances for a sweet connection with a tender person. But the key to making this magic happen is to be as kind and uncritical as you can. Set aside your ambitions, expectations and practical considerations since this is a time to merge two hearts without worrying about where this connection will lead. You don't have to be organized and come up with the perfect plan when showing soft feelings and exposing vulnerability is more inviting to intimacy than fancy dinners, a dozen roses or all the diamonds in the world.


Try not to be so clever and original today that a brilliant idea outshines the simple emotions that you are celebrating. Putting feelings into foreground is essential with the Moon in caring Cancer today. This sentimental water sign doesn't require excitement to make the heart beat faster. There's something much more seductive in sweet tender moments that are unadorned with fancy concepts. Familiar places and activities create an atmosphere of safety that delicately displays the love you want to share. Serving the one you love with his or her favorite meal might not be very original but it could be the most direct route the showing how much you care.


This just might be your best Valentine's Day in years. The reason is that the Moon is in cuddly Cancer and your 5th House of Romance today. You may be feeling more sentimental than ever, which can easily bring tears to your eyes. Yet it is this very softness that melts away any differences between you and your partner so that your two hearts may beat as one. Celebrate by creating something together like a home-cooked meal or a slow dance on a dimly lit dance floor. Imagination is the spark that takes you beyond the limits of your daily routine and reminds you that love is real. Gentle play is an excellent way to get there.

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