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Peeps In Space!

Fourth grade science project sends Peep to space for charity

What happens when a fourth grader shoots a Peep into space? Does it affect Astrology? Will the Peep get stale and hard like an asteroid, then begin to orbit the Sun? Will certain horoscope signs being clucking? Ok, probably not.

These cute little chicks have been eaten, frozen, discarded, melted in the microwave, turned into art projects and hung from Christmas trees. But of all the many creative atrocities we’ve watched those poor lil’ Peeps suffer through the years, this is the first time a marshmallow Peep has been shot into space. At least as far as we know.

On April 16, 9-year-old Tim Devereaux from Scottsdale, Arizona, planned to launch a Peep into the cosmos as part of his school science project -- and as a good-Karma space mission to raise money for children's charity Ryan House.

According to KPHO News in Phoenix, the fourth grade student took inspiration from Internet videos of weather balloons and came up with his own experiment -- launching a Styrofoam container holding a Peep, a GPS tracker, a Smartphone and a camera into the stratosphere. The mission was to see if low pressure in the atmosphere makes a marshmallow Peep expand.

We haven't been able to reach the Peep for comment, but we still think it’s pretty cool to see such an ambitious young student exploring space, and helping other children in the process. That's making the world a better place one Peep at a time!

And that is why young Tim Devereaux is our Karmic Defender of the Month. What the heck, we’ll make that Peep an honorary Karmic Defender, too.

Have you ever done anything creative to raise money for charity?

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