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Faster Planets, Go Go Go

Planetary pileups in Aries, Taurus and Gemini are not the norm

Have you noticed the planets have been working in cosmic clusters lately? It’s been all about Aries, now Taurus and then Gemini. But this is not typical, and not all planets are created equal. It’s only happening now due to each planet’s need for speed.

See, some planets move faster than others -- namely the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, which are known as “inner planets.” Somewhere in the middle and moving a bit slower are Jupiter and Saturn. Then, moving much slower still are the “outer planets,” including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

For example, while it takes the Moon a mere two and a half days to progress through each horoscope sign, it takes Uranus seven years.

Why are we telling you this? Well, you may have noticed since about mid-March we’ve been in a period when many planets (Venus, Mercury, Mars and Uranus) were hanging out together in go-go-go Aries. This is pretty unusual timing, folks, and it can explain a lot of the frenetic energy and global shakeups we’ve been seeing.

Now all those faster moving planets are progressing into Taurus, another unusual cluster that should at least calm down our lives for a bit. Then, by June 20 we’ll see four key planets clustered together in Gemini, which we expect to be an actively creative time – at least for a few weeks.

By early July, the grouping trend starts to break up. The faster moving planets will surge ahead into new transit territory and leave the slower planets behind, breaking up these clusters we’ve started becoming accustomed to in recent months.

Mercury will race ahead into dramatic Leo, Venus will trail behind in Cancer and Mars will linger in chatty Gemini. No longer will so much energy be concentrated in one horoscope sign, which is a good thing as far as Astrologers are concerned.

The beauty of Astrology is the way the planets work together and contribute a mix of energy to the whole. When every planet is putting out the same energy, it’s a little crazymaking -- even if it’s all concentrated in a calm sign like Taurus, as it will be for the next three weeks or so.

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