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Honor Your Elders

Show Karmic Kindness on National Senior Citizen's Day

National Senior Citizens Day on Sunday, August 21 is an opportunity to honor our elders and show our appreciation for their value and contributions to our homes, family and society. You know -- call or pay a visit to your grandparents or visit a rest home, things like that. But don't stop there!

When you're out and about today, think about performing random acts of kindness to benefit our older citizens -- it will do wonders for your own Karma, too. Here ae a few ideas to get you started.

Random Acts of Karmic Kindess Toward Senior Citizens

  1. Smile! Smile at older shoppers and strangers you pass on the street. It’ll improve everyone's energy and attitude all around.
  2. Treat the older person in front of you in line to a cup of coffee, lunch or a bus ticket -- just step up and say “that one’s on me!”
  3. Be kind to older drivers in traffic -- let them pass and merge with a friendly wave, even if it means you must wait.
  4. It's hot outside in much of the country -- visit your elder neighbors to make sure they're ok and see if they need anything.
  5. Hold the door! Hold the elevator door, the grocery store door, the department store door…  you get the idea. Let elders go first!
  6. Send flowers or interesting coffee table books as gifts to rest homes and hospitals where older citizens could use a pick-me-up.
  7. Phone a senior friend or neighbor and offer to take them out -- help them do their shopping or take them for a walk in the park.
  8. Give up that sweet parking spot and let seniors take the spaces next to the front entrance of the shop or restaurant you’re heading into.
  9. Let seniors go first in line at the grocery store -- even if you have one grapefruit and they have a cart full o' goodies. Then help them carry it all to their car.
  10. Strike up a conversation with a senior stranger -- they have the wisdom of years and will appreciate an attentive audience.

Do you have more ideas on ways we can honor or senior citizens today? Leave a comment and let us know!

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