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Nebulous Neptune Is Turning Direct

Shine a light on the clouds as nebulous Neptune moves forward

Nebulous Neptune -- the planet of illusion and confusion -- has been retrograde and forcing us us to "get real" for the last five months. But that cycle will finally come to an end as Neptune starts moving direct again on November 22, 2017. What's this mean, exactly?

Neptune is the dreamy planet, which at its best makes us see beyond the tangible world and explore spirituality, faith and fantasy. The dark side of Neptune is that its love of illusion can inspire us to escape to alternate realities we’ve created for ourselves -- a.k.a. delusions.

So yes, with Neptune moving direct it can once again encourage us to live in denial. We all have specific fears and hangups we don’t want to deal with -- perhaps you ignore nagging financial issues or tell yourself that your less-than-satisfying romantic relationship is exactly what you need. Chances are, Neptune is behind any excuses you invent to support these ideas.

Neptune Direct allows us to keep external factors at arm’s length and escape into our own inner worlds. We won't be feeling as crisp and clear as we have the past five months, so heads up!

Deception and denial are the main themes of Neptune Direct. The more imaginative and inspired traits of Neptune will show their vague faces and, if we’re lucky, we can find creative ways to solve problems of misconception. You will be challenged to find a distinguishing line between what’s real versus what’s fake, or reachable goals versus pipe dreams.

Don’t fall into any traps that could harm you just because they seem harmless on the surface. Sticky situations simply cause a lot of unneeded stress along the way, so try to be as objective as possible.

The good news about Neptune Direct is that overt expressions of idealism, compassion, imagination and spirituality come more easily with Neptune's forward turn. Dreams held silently in our hearts may slowly rise to the surface where we can take steps to turn them into reality.

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3 Comments to "Nebulous Neptune Is Turning Direct"
The profile picture for Karen A Kay.
Karen A Kay says:
Mon, 11/25/2013 - 18:46

Thanks for your comments, Elisha. I think most of these astrologers are simply pointing out that it's easier to be in a dreamy and creative state of mind when the harshness of reality is made a bit fuzzier. It's fun to discuss, thanks for your ideas, too!

The profile picture for Elisha.
Elisha says:
Fri, 11/22/2013 - 12:24

Further observation - Recent interpretations of Neptune in its own sign of Pisces are interesting - and perhaps exploratory. However, they reflect the fact that the world has developed in a very non-Neptunian manner - since the last time Neptune was apparently in this position and, therefore, it is very difficult for astrologers to correctly interpret this slow transit position . One astrologer wrote recently that Neptune in sign of Pisces would be - for Pisceans - like have a 'giant fog machine in front of you', while others say it's a wonderful time to open up true creativity and potentials.
I can see both of these ways of viewing that position, however, they don't seem to be both right simultaneously.

The profile picture for Elisha.
Elisha says:
Tue, 11/19/2013 - 02:28

For some reason I feel that the above is not a correct view of Neptune direct. I have noticed that when Neptune is retrograde, things get lost more, for eg. mail may be buried under a pile of papers and then turn up on Neptune's change of direction. As a Piscean sun I feel the energy turning positive when it changes to direct, not the reverse as you seem to suggest. This year's 5 months of retrograde felt anything but crisp and clear. Moreover, it is likely to be the 'external factors' - (if one can make a such distinctions in patterns of energy or events) which move forward with the Direct motion. This is something I have noted by observation over a long period, not just in my own life or chart, but in birth charts of others and the events in their lives.

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