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Smooth Cosmic Sailing All Week

Enjoy the cosmic calm due to no major planetary aspects

Today’s your day! It only happens a few times a year that there’s a day with no major planetary aspects, as we have this Thursday, May 26. Even better, the coming week is fairly free of significant planetary aspects, too, so we can step back and relax in an ocean of cosmic calm.

Think of this period with fewer fewer planetary aspects as a chance to do a little spring cleaning for the mind! And with a chaotic summer just around the corner, you’ll want to relax now before the kids get out of school and you’re overwhelmed with fun-but-busy times -- barbecues, vacations, camping trips and more.

But in the meantime, what exactly does it mean when there are no planetary aspects? Simply put, aspects are the angles created by the positions of the planets in the sky in relation to one another. Common aspects you’ll hear most about include squares, conjunctions, oppositions, sextiles and trines, and each of these describes how the planets will relate to each other and play off each other’s energy on any given day.

Except today, of course, when the planets aren’t playing much off each other’s energy at all. And in this case, according to Master Astrologers Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine, other planetary transits may tend to be louder.

For instance, the Moon moves from dreamy Pisces into energetic Aries at 5:36 p.m. today, and because the Moon isn’t forming any significant aspects with other planets we may feel that shift more than we typically would. Most of the day will likely be a little spacey -- but that lack of clarity will let us feel and dream and take in beauty.

So overall, it’s cosmic calm and a great time to reflect. “When the sky is quiet, we often integrate or process what’s been going on recently,” Levine said. It’s like getting sick on your first day off... when we have time.”

Levine says it’s also important to note that while there are no Ptolemeic aspects to classical planets Thursday, there are a few minor aspects worth mentioning. The Sun forms a square with asteroid Chiron, which carries some weight around blockages concerning old wounds; Venus is quintile Neptune in the morning, heightening our aesthetic sense and raising expectations in love; and Mercury’s biquintile to Saturn offers a stern little a reality check.

But more than anything, we’ll probably feel the major planetary transits a little bit more this week -- and especially today. Check out Our Changing Sky to see which signs the Big 10 planets are transiting now, and watch Thursday's Planet Pulse Video Horoscope with Rick & Jeff for the deets.

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