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October 14 Is Steve Jobs Day!

Celebrating the life and Astrology of the ex-Apple CEO

Steve Jobs, the fiery Pisces and progressive ex-Apple chairman and co-founder who pioneered the personal computer industry, died Wednesday, October 5 after a long battle with cancer. Friday, Oct. 14 has been declared Steve Jobs Day, so in addition to wearing black turtlenecks and shopping for the new iPhone 4S, we're also taking a look at Steve Jobs' birth chart, which readily expresses the imagination of his Pisces Sun sign. But the fire that drove him, and which irritated others, is shown by his Moon and Mars in impatient and assertive Aries. 

Jobs, the co-founder and former head of Apple, was both a computer pioneer and a pariah in his own company. He was a Pisces, a sign that corresponded with his keen sense of style, but one whose gift for compassion clashed with his famously abrasive personality. Born February 24, 1955 at 7:15 pm in San Francisco, he was a colossus of high tech whose led Apple to its reinvention as a consumer electronics company and a renaissance in the computer business.

The imagination of Jobs' Pisces Sun is fired by a Moon in aggressive Aries that flourishes in fast-changing environments. Steve was a master salesman known for his "reality distortion field," in which he seemed able to control the minds of others. His Mercury, the planet of intellect, is in mentally powerful and inventive Aquarius. Its sharp 90-degree square with strict Saturn gave him incredible powers of concentration and the ability to define reality in his own terms. The shape shifting qualities of his imaginative Pisces Sun helped him to envelop others in the dream worlds he created. Fortunately for Apple fans and shareholders, he delivered on them more often than not.

The scope of Jobs' genius and the depth of his rage are shown by assertive Mars in Aries opposite a conjunction of expansive Jupiter and unconventional Uranus. This high-powered trio is futuristic in its perspective and fast-paced in execution. Realistic Saturn's supportive 120-degree trine to the brilliant Jupiter-Uranus conjunction shows an ability to see the future and turn it into reality … now.

Venus -- a planet of art and beauty, as well as social skills -- is in earthy and ambitious Capricorn. Steve was likely to see relationships as engagements of force in which one must dominate or be dominated. Hard aspects to his Venus from Mars, Jupiter and Uranus could bring competitive feelings to a boil and make him behave like a bully. Yet spiritual and idealistic Neptune squares Steve's Venus, revealing underlying uncertainty that triggered his aggression. Venus-Neptune aspects also have an ethereal quality that is especially suited to the creative arts.

High strung Mr. Jobs was not here to win hearts on a personal level. He pleased the public with the electronic goodies turned out by the high tech elves at Apple. His karmic Lunar South Node in caring Cancer suggests that this wasn't his lifetime to coddle people, while his evolutionary North Node in conquering Capricorn points to his purposeful role as a corporate builder. The Lords of Karma and Kings of Wall Street wouldn't have it any other way.

R.I.P. Steve, you will be missed.

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6 Comments to "October 14 Is Steve Jobs Day!"
The profile picture for judy anderson.
judy anderson says:
Wed, 04/01/2015 - 11:08

On his chart it looks like his mars was squaring his jupiter uranus conjunction (not opposition). his mars is opposed to his neptune, it forms a T square to his jupiter uranus conjunction---if i'm looking at the right chart. crossing T squares, mars in Aries opposed neptune in Libra, jupiter and uranus in cancer opposing venus in Capricorn. INTENSE!!!

The profile picture for Jeff Jawer.
Jeff Jawer says:
Thu, 10/06/2011 - 17:51

Steve was a perfectionistic Virgo rising.

The profile picture for Simi.
Simi says:
Thu, 10/06/2011 - 17:06

lol i was born on feb 24 th too but of 1997

The profile picture for Rebecca.
Rebecca says:
Wed, 10/05/2011 - 18:04

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