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Mercury in Cancer

Slow down and listen with your heart

Mental Mercury moves into cozy Cancer on June 12, 2018, deepening our communications and softening our intellectual side. 

Mercury is associated with intellect and Cancer with feelings. This combination offers us an opportunity to perceive and communicate our emotions more directly at this time. Conversation is likely to be more personal than usual, with a greater capacity for intimacy. However, objectivity may suffer as awareness is filtered through the powerful issues of security, family and safety.

Every astrological pattern offers its challenges and opportunities. In fact, they are really two faces of the same thing. In this case, the challenge is to articulate emotions without being overcome by them. The opportunity is to soften the separating aspects of the logical mind to connect with others in a more personal fashion.

Cancer is a Water sign. The mysteries of water cannot be spoken, only felt. Mercury's passage here does not erase the rational aspects of perception, but it broadens them to include information that can not be put into words. Know that silence can be full of meaning. This time is a reminder that real listening is done with the heart, as well as with the ears.

Mercury in Cancer shows up in the charts of conservatives like Nancy Reagan, Bob Dole and Pat Boone. Prince Charles, a watery Scorpio, has met this placement with both Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles.

David Duchovny and Isabella Rossellini speak with Mercury in Cancer soulfulness, as do storytellers Bill Cosby and Arlo Guthrie. Cat Stevens' Mercury in Cancer helped lead him to Islam, while Salman Rushdie's has led him away.


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7 Comments to "Mercury in Cancer"
The profile picture for Jennifer.
Jennifer says:
Sat, 06/09/2012 - 13:00

I like what Dominic Coleman says too. It really speaks about Mercury in Cancer-I am actually able to discuss my feelings really well now. I almost feel like going to therapy.

The profile picture for Peter.
Peter says:
Thu, 06/07/2012 - 09:08

I dig what Dominic Coleman says: The power of silence with a loved one who is dying can not be matched in intensity. Quiet moments of memories and love are perceptible... I can feel an energy that is amazing. @Humane_Being on Twitter

The profile picture for Peter.
Peter says:
Thu, 06/07/2012 - 09:05

Good article. We are often in such a rush in our lives that we do not take the time to simply feel our feelings and check in with our own psyche AKA spirit.

The profile picture for Dominic Coleman.
Dominic Coleman says:
Mon, 06/04/2012 - 00:14

This is so meaningful to me right now. My Auntie is transitioning from this world. It is a beautiful, terrifying, amazing process to experience. The power of silence with a loved one who is dying can not be matched in intensity. Quiet moments of memories and love are perceptible... I can feel an energy that is amazing. I am so grateful for these explanations of the planets and their energies! It is helping me find meaning and understanding during this difficult time in my life! Thank you. MuchLove=

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