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It's Official: Obama is a Leo!

The Astrology of President Barack Obama

Happy Birthday, Mr. President! It's time to celebrate the Astrology of President Barack Obama, who was born on August 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m. in Honolulu, Hawaii. This makes Obama a level-headed Leo, but let's take a look at the rest of his birth chart for a complete cosmic profile of President Obama. 

Skeptics and conspiracy theorists -- including Donald Trump -- have been making a fuss over the issue of Obama's birth certificate for months, debating whether or not he was born in the United States. Now that we have our official answer, we're happy to dig into the astrological influences that shape Obama as a leader.

Overall, Obama's birth chart suggests that his presidential term or terms will show him to be a transformative leader as the Chief Executive. Uranus, the planet of surprises and breakthroughs, is placed at a highly significant point in his horoscope. It was conjunct the Moon’s North Node in Leo, indicating Obama's karmic path as a change agent. But as his track record has shown, he’s a cautiously bold builder who is likely to be a competent innovator, not a reckless revolutionary.

Obama has the charisma and personal power of his Leo Sun, but the sometimes autocratic nature of this sign is tempered by his Moon, symbol of emotions, in adaptable Gemini. He is not a rigid man with fixed ideas; he is a flexible pragmatist whose plans are carefully measured to include the input of others.

The Moon in airy Gemini is often cool and sometimes appears aloof, yet this position also reflects his dislike for personal drama among his staff. Some individuals with Leo and Gemini are all show and no go, but that’s not the case with Obama. You don't make it through Harvard Law School with sloppy work habits or a superficial mind, and you don't run a country without a strong sense of strategy and an eye for detail.

Barack was born with Mars, the action planet, in efficient Virgo, where results count more than appearances. His Mars is strengthened by a harmonious 120-degree trine to responsible Saturn in well organized Capricorn, reinforcing his image as a highly competent manager.

Aquarius rising indicates that he is, in some ways, a man who may be free of narrow prejudices, dedicated to innovation and individual rights. We’re unlikely to see fear-based repression of speech under Obama's watch.

Still, his earthy efficiency and charismatic cool is nicely balanced with the emotional depth of his Venus in Cancer. The affection this planet of love inspires in his family is not an act. It is an honest expression of a desire to nurture and protect, as demonstrated by his work as a community organizer in Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods.

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27 Comments to "It's Official: Obama is a Leo!"
The profile picture for Evelyn Czaja.
Evelyn Czaja says:
Sun, 05/01/2011 - 11:58

I'm an opera singer/voice teacher. To enter serious competitions one must produce proof of one's age, as many of the contests have age limits for male and female. And they do ask for a birth certificate. And this is for opera! Good God! To be POTUS you should have to produce not only a birth certificate but the moon and the stars as well! I'm orginally from Chicago and have never been an Obama fan (didn't vote for him!). But the way he's handled this, and then made fun of it when he had to finally pony up, is disgusting at best! This man has no respect whatsoever for the office he holds or the people of this country. Out in 2012!

The profile picture for Astara.
Astara says:
Sat, 04/30/2011 - 21:41

i really find it hard to believe that people have questioned this at all, and it really never made in good sense. But, that is hate, and there were those, particularly in biblebelt areas etc. that began attacking his every word, action and deed, as frankly bad losers. Far worse losers, than those democrats with very just caused, wanted a recount in 2000, of the Gore_Bush election results when things began to stink in Georgia. Pappa Bush best friend, James Baker the 3rd, ran up to Surpreme court and we all know then, the first every president that was elected by the Surpreme Court, many Judges whom his father put in position, and certainly well acquainted with from his days as Vice President, and President. So, I'm personally getting sick of the pettiness, and want the Republicans candidates to begin to address issues, in a mature, intelligent manner, on how they could get this country fixed. As we have serioius problems, which didn't begin when Obama took office, but, nearly a decade before.

The profile picture for sandra.
sandra says:
Fri, 04/29/2011 - 10:49

Oh please! Who's to say the birth certificate he's showing is even real. Last I heard his aunt confirmed his birth to be in Kenya, or somewhere like that. Also, who ever wrote this article must be an Obama lover no doubt! Has it ever occurred to you this man is destroying this country? Get a grip people. Quit living in some fantasy world!! Why do so many people believe this man anyways? He's spent more American money than any president in U.S. history! He imposes his will onto most American people whether they agree with him or not. The biggest being the health care issue! When you see a socialist must be a socialist!! I call them like I see them. Oh and one more thing, this guy approved a place of worship for Muslims to be built just a short distance away from the old Twin Towers sight. Remember all those Americans that died at the hand of Muslims!! (That's not to say that all Muslim people are bad but they were Muslims!) Of course its not all that shocking considering he is of the Muslim faith!

The profile picture for Dee.
Dee says:
Fri, 04/29/2011 - 06:46

What makes Obama so special is he is the only one who has had to show his full birth certificate. No one else has been questioned this way. Why do you suppose that has happened with him and no one else. McCain was NOT born in the United States and this was never questioned. Would this have begun an issue and wasted our time and money if he had become president. I think not...but we cannot know. Bottom line, this issue of whether a person born to an American citizen on other soil other than our own...may someday be tested, but for me ANY AMERICAN BORN TO AMERICAN MOTHER OR FATHER IS AN AMERICAN AND CAN BE PRESIDENT OF THIS UNITED STATES. WHY SHOULD SOMEONE WHO HAPPENED TO BE BORN ON OTHER SOIL BE QUESTIONED?
Of course by the same token why should a child born here like many Mexicans born in this country when NEITHER PARENT is American be able to be president when McCain could not...Come on. This is a SILLY ISSUE...SILLY ISSUE...SILLY ISSUE. And only happened because Obama was black. I am not black... I do not agree with all his policies....I do not agree with all McCain'[s policies...I do not agree with what Bush did to this country.....It has nothing to do with making an non-issue an issue when this country is in such deep trouble. Thank God you hypocrits are not shut up....NOW SHUT UP

The profile picture for Otter.
Otter says:
Thu, 04/28/2011 - 12:09

please, race is not an issue. the man is half white. the problem is lying. we have the Right to fully scrutinize through a microscope, the leader of this nation. why shouldn't he be scrutinized? what makes his so special? because he is half black? That is racist.

The profile picture for Karen.
Karen says:
Thu, 04/28/2011 - 06:50

It is amazing with all that is going on that these racists and haters would focus on something so frivolous as this and thwart our progress toward economic and human recovery. Unfortunately mankind sometimes gets its adrenalin from hate. Well, the Sun has shone on Pluto and brought these haters to light. The world has obtained an opportunity to see what most Black people go through every day of their lives, but not on a global scale as President Obama has had to endure. It's time to go and get cotton candy while letting the carnival barkers continue to bark.

The profile picture for Gus_n.
Gus_n says:
Wed, 04/27/2011 - 11:09

United States of America has, by President Barack Obama, a real chance to recover all what his predecessor did NOT do or neither intended to do! I hope he will, during his two terms as President of United States of America - DO A LOT OF GOOD AND BE REMEMBERED AS A ´'DOER' AND A CRAFTSMEN AT HIS TENURE! Even if he has to struggle with "limited persons in both Congress and, of course, the Senate; where democrats are MINORITY! GOD BLESS AND LEAD HIM RIGHT AND UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
-- Gus_n, spectator of Scandinavia

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