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Saturn Watch: The Ringed Planet's Exalted Opposition

Sexy Saturn is visible to the naked eye in April 2011

Hello, Saturn, you sexy thing! It's nice to see you! Put down your telescopes, people, because April 2011 is the best time all year to view Saturn with the naked eye.

Ok, so Saturn is always visible to the naked eye... that's true. But in April 2011 Saturn will appear even bigger and brighter due to its annual opposition to the Sun.

Because Saturn is closer to Earth during opposition, it will be the brightest planet in the sky now through early May. This means you should be able to pick it out more easily from a starry sky. And if you do use your telescope, Saturn's rings also will appear larger and more detailed as the ring system tips into our line of sight.

In addition to seeing Saturn all month, you'll likely be able to feel it, too! Saturn is exalted in the social sign of Libra now through October 5, 2012, emphasising a period when we must keep lines of communication open, treat one another as equals, find balance in our relationships and learn to clarify our needs. Learn more about Saturn:

Fast Facts and Astrology Tips About Saturn:

  • Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System
  • Saturn has nine rings, consisting mostly of ice particles, rocky debris and dust
  • Saturn's astrological symbol () represents the Roman god's sickle
  • Saturn is the ruling planet of horoscope signs Capricorn and it Aquarius
  • Saturn is known as the planet of Karma, making sure we reap what we sow
  • Saturn is also known as the "old man planet" and enforcer of rules
  • When Saturn returns to the position it was in at the moment of your birth (about every 28 years), it kicks off a two-year period known as your "Saturn Return" -- a time when your identity, hopes and dreams feel shaken up
  • Saturn is the only planet less dense than water, and it would float if there was a body of water big enough
  • It takes Saturn about 29 years to orbit the Sun
  • Saturn has at least 62 moons, including the best known Titan, Mimas, Enceladus and Lapetus

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4 Comments to "Saturn Watch: The Ringed Planet's Exalted Opposition"
The profile picture for Tammy.
Tammy says:
Thu, 04/07/2011 - 00:36

NP!It's My pleasure! :-) &i am Really glad SUM1 read&received my comment!! &During Mercury in Retrograde no less!! All-though,Now that i think back-i DID end up having2re-write this message a2nd time-Due2the fact that my IP suddenly went off-line RIGHT as i wuz getn ready2push send!Yet i remained diligent&re-wrote it never-the-less!&YAY!!Well worth the effort!Cuz ,U got it! :-)Splendid Indeed.Ever since fb started-i've discovered that i LUV sending out love!!It's EXTREMELY satisfying!Tnx again!&i eagerly await more juicy,cosmic tid-bits from the wonderful dh staff :-) BRAVO!! T

The profile picture for Karen A Kay.
Karen A Kay says:
Wed, 04/06/2011 - 17:18

Hi Tammy, you CapriQuarian! This is Karen Kay - thanks so much for your comments, it's nice to know our hard work is appreciated! We'll keep working hard to give you the cosmic scoop, spread the word and thanks again!

The profile picture for Tammy.
Tammy says:
Wed, 04/06/2011 - 09:14

Oh-&BTW,If any member of the dh staff actually duz read my previous comment-PLZ,Feel free2pass it around&spread the love!! Tnx :-) T

The profile picture for Tammy.
Tammy says:
Wed, 04/06/2011 - 09:07

Thank You SO much!! What an enjoyable&highly informative article!! I've just learned ALOT'VE new&interesting facts about Saturn that i didn't evn know existed!2 Cool!! Of Course,My passionate interest&exhuberent gratitude just might b due2 the fact that i am a CapriQuarian(born on the cusp/Capricorn w/STRONG Aquarian tendencies!LOL)&the reason that i'm also the only1to even have a comment on this wonderful article! u Think? Keep Up the Great work dh-i think Uguys are awesome!-&U R fast becoming my new favoritist cosmic site!! How's THAT4kudos!?? Yes,i THOUGHT that U might like2hear a little praise&appreciation4all of the hard work u've done&continue2do. LOL &i also remembered that perhaps i should actually give U ur compliment-since IT IS after all-URS!i4get2voice them aloud sumtimes! :-) Luv U Guys!U R simply Fabulous! Tnx Again,T

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