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Wake Up! Watch Six Planets Align!

Six planets align on the Sun's ecliptic path in May 2011

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring... set your alarm clock early over the next few weeks! If you wake up early enough, you’ll see a rare alignment of six planets above the rising Sun at dawn. And while it’s not a major astrological event, it is a majorly photogenic event.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be arrayed in a grand line visible to the naked eye, and if you grab binoculars or a telescope you can spot Uranus and Neptune in the lineup, too. Pesky Saturn is the only planet that gets away.

According to the website Space.com, almost all the planets have been hidden from view behind the Sun for the last two months. But now they’ll all emerge arrayed on the ecliptic path of the Sun.

The next few days are best for viewing and photographing the alignment because you’ll see the crescent Moon along with the other planets, but once the Moon moves on the four other planets will still be visible in the same alignment for most of May 2011.

Here’s a great sky map of the six planets from our friends at Space.com so you’ll know what to expect.

And what should you expect astrologically? Not much. While the planetary lineup makes for a stunning visual, the real Astrology news this month is not the lineup, but the cluster. 

Five planets have been clustered in Aries over the past month, urging us to go-go-go and sparking some major events on both a personal and global scale. In May, the Aries cluster will finally disperse as Mars, Venus and Mercury move on to Taurus mid-month, slowing the daily pace so we’ll have plenty of time to relax and gaze at the sky.

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Chiichan1407 says:
Wed, 05/25/2011 - 10:01

Cool I can't wait! XD

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