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Thanks, Teach!

Honor your mentors on National Teacher Appreciation Day

Golen Rule No. 1: Teachers are some of the most influential people we'll meet in our lives. From pre-school to grad school, teachers guide us on the path to becoming our best selves, so we're excited to honor our mentors on Tuesday, May 7, which is National Teacher Appreciation Day

We here on the Karma watch at DailyHoroscope.com know exactly how much good Karma teachers generate every day, so we want to take this occasion to say thank you for schooling us with information, life lessons and enlightenment. As you take time today to show your favorite teachers how much you appreciate them, we thought you'd also like to hear how much the team here at DH values our own teachers.

DailyHoroscope.com staffers say "Thanks, teach" to our most influential mentors:

“I’ve been lucky enough to have many wonderful teachers, but my sophomore high school English teacher taught me the most valuable lesson: Don’t always follow the rules. Even as a young writer, I liked to experiment with language and grammar and buck some stuffy traditions in order to make a point or make my writing more colorful. Instead of lowering my grades for breaking the rules, Mr. Meyer encouraged me to find my own voice. I’ll always be thankful to him for letting me use dashes instead of commas and making whole sentences out of just one word. Truly. Thanks, Mr. Meyer!” ~ Karen A. Kay, DH writer/editor

“You can Blame Ms. Cooley for encouraging me to inflict my opinion on the innocent bystanders who visit DailyHoroscope.com. As the Advisor for the school newspaper, many aspiring reporters got their start under her mentorship and inspiration. She sparked a passion for writing, editing and breaking news that has guided my career for over a decade. Thanks Ms. Cooley!” ~ Lynn Sorenson, DH editor

"I had a teacher in the first grade who we all called "Mr. D" (short for Dembrow). He always finished the day with us all sitting in a circle and singing along to Arlo Guthrie songs. Nothing more inspiring than a group of first graders singing 'I don't want a pickle… I just want to ride my motor-cycle.'  Aside from the obscure folk songs, Mr. D. taught us many good lessons, most importantly to think for ourselves. I still have friends from that first grade class, many who have gone on to great things (such as heading up the technology group at DailyHoroscope.com)." ~ Andrew Morelock, Senior Director of Technology

"I went to a small Ukrainian Catholic High School. The quality of education was great but the curriculum was intended to turn us all into doctors, lawyers and engineers. For me, a budding writer and musician, the saving grace came in the form of Ms. Stefaniuk, who persuaded the school's top brass that a creative writing class masked in the guise of a journalism class would be a great place to stick all us kids who didn't make the calculus cut. And thus, my creative soul was freed. Instead of feeling like an outcast, I got my poetic license (with no expiration date). Doors of artistic opportunity swung wide open and I finally had the answer to the question: Who am I? I thank you, Ms. Stefaniuk for setting me free." ~ Darka Dusty, DH writer

"My high school AP English teacher, Mrs. Barnum, had a three-strikes-and-you're-out policy. If I submitted an essay that contained more than three grammatical errors, I would get an F on that paper. At first all of the students, including myself, were outraged that a teacher could inflict that kind of cruelty on us poor students. Her strict teaching style made me work harder and taught me the importance to not just rush my work, but to really slow down, thoroughly review and submit flawless work. Her rigid teaching methods helped me excel in my journalism program in college and to succeed in my career today. Mrs. Barnum may have been one tough teacher, but I will never forget her -- or how to properly use a semicolon ;) " ~ Christy Leung, DH Marketing Manager

"My education was filled with a generous number of encouraging and supportive teachers, but for some reason the lessons I took from the harder ones have stayed with me the longest. One of my first Graphic Design professors was a neurotic little lady named Mrs. Bendeler. She was from The Netherlands -- cute, hip and talented, but boy did she have a bite. She terrorized our class with meticulous presentation requests and excessive homework assignments. Everyone hated her and resented her rigid teaching style, but toward the end of the course I realized how much she had actually taught me and I saw the growth in my own work because of it. On our last day she pulled me aside and told me that she admired my work ethic and saw great potential in me. Then, in her thick accent she added 'I really encourage you to speak up more. You have a lot of intelligent things to say but I feel that you hold back. Never be afraid to express the reasons and motivation behind your work. You will learn from it.' This was helpful advice that has stayed with me for years. Thanks Mrs. Bendeler!" ~ Nichole Aramapakul, DH Senior Designer

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